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Now Demand to form Ahir Regiment in Indian Army

A meeting of the Yadav community was held on Sunday afternoon in a private educational institution on Sodawas Road in Mundawar town of Alwar district to form Ahir regiment. The meeting was addressed by prominent people and public representatives of Ahir community who came from Kherki Dola Gurugram. Along with this, more and more people from Mundawar assembly constituency were called to reach the dharna at Kherki Daula on 23 March.

Rao Ajit Singh came from Kherki Daula toll plaza, LN Yadav President Ahir Regiment Sangharsh Samiti Haryana, Monu Yadav Sikanderpur, Arun Yadav Kherki Daula, Sheochand Sarpanch Shikohpur, Rao Ramphool Padam Ka Bas, Kamal Yadav Rewari, Birbal Yadav Bihar, Laxminarayan Nakhrola and others The speakers said in his address that Lord Shri Krishna had shown the way to the world, giving education and heaven along with providing justice to the world. Regiments of 28 castes and religions are working in the country, but about 26 crore Ahirs of the country have been fighting for a long time to make their regiment in the army.

He said that the Veer Ahir soldiers have shown unprecedented iron of their valour and courage from the war of independence of 1857 to the Kargil war. Even after that, the central government is not able to form Ahir regiment in the army. In such a situation, if we have to get the Ahir Regiment formed in the army, then for this everyone together will have to fight hard against the central government. The way the regiments of other castes and religions are working in the army, in the same way whether it is the revolution of 1857, 1962, 1965, Kargil war or the world-famous war of Rezangala, in all the wars the soldiers of Ahir community are the most. has shown his indomitable courage.

Along with this, the speakers said that the highest number of Ahir youths have been martyred in the army on various fronts, but even after that the Ahir regiment is not being formed. Public representatives of the society are also coming forward regarding the formation of the Ahir regiment in the army and are openly demanding the formation of a regiment in Parliament. All such Yadavs, who are the representatives of the society, together they should raise their voice from Parliament to the assembly regarding the formation of Ahir Regiment.

At present, there are 28 caste and religious regiments in the army, but due to the absence of Ahir regiment, the youth of the Ahir community get less jobs in the army.

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