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Sq. L. Ajay Ahuja, a hero to our country and role model for the generations

There are various stories of brave soldiers who die for the country. They are the war heroes of India, our Motherland. who sacrifice their lives in the protection of our country. They are filled with the emotions of patriotism.
Trishul Defence Academy salutes this Patriotism and as a matter of respect, Trishul Defence Academy has created a blog in which aspirants gets a chance to learn more about the War Heroes. These are those Heroes who laid their lives for us, For our Future.

Lets read about them and remember them in Our Prayers.

Salute those men,Those soldiersthere,Those sailors brave,Those menin air. For their sacrifice,Peace summoned

Flying was a passion and flying to secure the nation his ultimate desire. And he flew into heavens just doing what he desired the most. these lines told us about the brave officer of Indian airforce Squadron Leader Ajay Ahuja, 

About Sq. Leader Ajay Ahuja

  •  He was born on 22 May 1963 in Kota Rajasthan.
  • Sq. Ldr. Ajay completed his schooling from  Saint Paul’s Senior Secondary School, Kota.
  • After completing graduation from national defence academy he joined IAF.
  • He was commissioned as a fighter pilot on 14 June 1985.
  • He flew the MiG-23 fighter bomber and MiG-21 variants and had a flying experience of over 1000 hours.
  • Ahuja was also a qualified flying instructor and famous for his patience and cheerfulness between his companions.
  • Ahuja was first of all posted at  Killi Bhisiana Airbase at Bhatinda, Punjab, India in 1997.
  • He had only just become the Flight Commander of Squadron No.17 Golden Arrows (a specialist photo-reconnaissance squadron) when the Kargil War broke out in May-June of 1999.
  • During 1999 Healready had completed 15 years of service to the country.

A short view of Air operation 27 May 1999

He was the part of Safed Sagar in Kargil. Just he was about to take flight he was informed that the Fl.Lt. Nachiketa was ejected from his MiG aircraft. In spite of knowing that there is a fear of surface to air missile which can hit his aircraft, he went on the search of his fellow officer.

After some time he was able to locate the crashed aircraft. He messaged to the control room to launch rescue helicopters.

However, his MiG 21 MF was targeted by  FIM 92 Stinger Missile. to inform about his hitting he sent a radio message

“Hercules, something has hit my plane, possibility of missile hit cannot be ruled out, I am ejecting over…(location).”

With his extreme presence of mind and professionalism, he took his plane to the safer area but unfortunately the engine flamed out.   As there was no choice except to eject out.  He ejected and safely landed. In some crucial circumstance, he was martyred.

Tortured bore by him

When Pakistani gave the body to the Indian army The post – mortem of the dead body is conducted claiming landed safely after ejection.  The post- mortem report says that he was severely injured and have wound.

The wounds seems like he was brutally tortured and shot.

  • There was gunshot wound near his ear, in his left iliac crest damaging internal viscera like liver small intestines thighs.
  • Almost every part of his body was wounded.
  • The final verdict of post – mortem told that there can be a fracture due to ejection but shot wound and injuries show that he was murdered after so much of torturing. It was said to be cold-blooded murder.
  • The government of India suit a protest against the  Pakistani Paramilitary forces for torturing and killing the prisoners of Kargil War.

In response to the accusation, Pakistani authorities and suggested  Sq. Ld Ahuja was killed due to accidental injuries during ejection and landing. After this, no further investigation has been done and the case remains unresolved.

Tribute A Hero

  • His body was cremated in the village Killi Bhisiana at Bhatinda. The entire village was present in the last journey of the martyred officer. His son Ankur light up the funeral pyre of the son of MotherIndia.
  • In the memorial of SqLd. Ajay Ahuja a statue has been built at a crossing of Bhatinga Mukstar road.
  • On Indian’s  52nd Anniversary of Independence, he has awarded Vir Chakra The third gallantry award posthumously.

Students and Fellow Readers it’s so easy to write about them or hear about them but this act of sacrificing one’s own life for others needs courage which only a few men have.

जो जीते हैं देश के लिए , वो देश के लिए अपना लहू बहाते हैं, माँ भारती के चरणों में अपना शीश चढ़ाकर, देश की लाज बचाते हैं, परवाह नहीं करते हैं अपनी जान की, देश के लिए, हँसते-हँसते अपनी जान लुटाते हैं..!! ऐसी भारतीय सेना को शत्-शत् नमन !

Jai Hind

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