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First and only IAF officer who received ParamVir Chakra – Flying officer Nirmal Jit Singh

Many soldiers leid their lives for the nations and ready to sacrifice for the country, but these brave hearts soldiers and their sacrifices are still engraved in the collective memory of the country.

Trishul Defence Academy salutes this Patriotism and as a matter of respect, Trishul Defence Academy has created a blog in which aspirants gets a chance to learn more about the War Heroes. These are those Heroes who laid their lives for us for our Future. Lets read about them and remember them in Our Prayers.

About Flying Officer Nirmal Jit Singh

The first-ever IAF who was awarded Param VirChakra i.e. Nirmal Jit Singh was born on 17 July  1943 in the village of Issewal in Ludhiana Punjab. He was the flying officer in IAF. He decided to become a pilot at a very early age for this he was inspired by his father  Tarlok Singh Sekhon,  who was a warrant officer in Indian Airforce as he looked his father from his childhood. His mother name was  Smt. Harbans Kaur.

After completing his education from Khalsa High School Ahitsar Mohie and later completed his graduation from Dayalbagh Engineering College. He joined the Indian Airforce.  On 4th June  1967, he was appointed as flying officer in Indian Airforce.

About India – Pakistan war 1971

In the year 1971  when the Pak- India war broke out, he was the Flying officer of Gnat detachment includes 18 squadrons which are known as ” FLYING  BULLETS”.  At that time,  according to the 1948 International agreement, there to avoid any enmity from Pakistan no airfield will be developed in Srinagar.

Due to this Sekhon was unfamiliar with the bitterness and cold of the Srinagar , he and his allies fought courageously with the Pakistani  Airforce who attacked the Srinagar airfield.

Due to fog difficulty in observation 6  Pakistani  F-86 jets of PAF attacked the Srinagar airbase and started bombing the runways and destroying the aircraft to cause maximum damage to the airbase.

Flying Officer Sekhon was at his duty at that time as when he will be called off he will take off immediately.  At that time Flt Lt. Ghumman was with him as a companion. He is the trainer of the Shekon in his initial days.

Flt Lt. Ghumman was also popular as G- Man.

Sekhon is was also known as Brother between their coursemates.

As the first bomb was dropped on the runway Ghumman took off in a second. After the Gnat dust was cleared Sekhon too took off. In the midway Ghumman lost his path in the fog and came back. As a result, Ghumman abandoned the mission.


Valour of  Flying Officer Nirmal Jit Sekhon and His Immolation

As  6 of the PAF jets, 4 were ordered to attack and 2 were covering it as parental.

As the failure of Ghumman, the Sekhon continued the battle.  At that time after took off he was in front of 2 Saber pairs. .He went after the first and destroyed it the other No.2 was so frightened he decided to escape and went back.

After escaping of one saber Sekhon was left with 2 sabers. He used all the ammunition to destroy his enemy. As the Saber leader realized that he alone cannot fight so he called his pair shet to join him. Sekhon was not prepared and hit by the bullets from behind.

He tried to balance the plane but he couldn’t.  So he messaged to the Ghumman.

The last message he gave to the Ghumman on the radio was

“I think I’m hit. G-Man, come and get them!”.

He sacrifices his life for the welfare of Srinagar airbase. He was the soldier who got an honour from his enemy. The pilot whose shot down the Gnat was Flt Lt. Salim Baig Mirza,  praised Sekhon for his heroic acts against all odds.

Flying Officer Sekhon fought the war single-handedly and also succeeded to shoot down one, making other 2 to escape and fought with the rest of the enemy.

He is the only warrior who got Param Vir Chakra of Indian Airforce. He awarded for the extreme valour in facing the enemy.

The nation must remember such legends who do not think twice before giving up their lives for the motherland. Their sacrifices must not go in vain. Our salute to the great soul!

Students and Fellow Readers it is so easy to write about them or hear about them but this act of sacrificing one’s own life for others needs courage which only a few men have. Let us all salute these men and see them as Our Role Models.

Jai Hind

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