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Captain Vijayant Thapar

Colonel VN Thapar and Mrs  Tripta Thapar were blessed with the legendary child on 26 Dec. belonging to the military family he always wanted to be army personnel. Guns were his favourite toy. In his childhood he always used to wore his father’s cap and marched. He completed his studies  from Army Public school from New Delhi.  He was ambitious to join Army and to fulfill I he worked hard and got selected n IMA. Dehradun and commissioned to 2 Rajputana Rifles.


On 28 June 1999 Captain Vijyant Thapar was commanding the Leading platoon of Alfa Company, which was tasked to assault area Knoll in Drass Sector from the north during Operation Vijay. While advancing, the platoon was hit by accurate enemy artillery barrage and it suffered heavy casualties. Captain Thapar organized evacuation of the casualties and quickly rallied his shell-shocked platoon for the attack. Personally leading the attack from the Northern face against enemy’s Medium Machine Gun fire, which was holding up the Company’s assault, he fearlessly charged at the enemy position firing from the hip and throwing grenades. During this act, he was grievously injured in the hand and stomach but continued to advance ordering his men to follow him. Roused by the actions of their young Platoon Commander barely out of the Academy, the platoon charged up the hill against the dominating enemy position. This audacious action unnerved and forced the enemy to abandon a tactically superior position. The officer, however, succumbed to his injuries.


After commissioned moved to Kashmir for insurgency. Later they moved to Kupwara for terrorist surgency. At the time of war his unit was given command to capture Tololing .  After got victory, they were given task of capturing Knoll, Three Pimples and Lone Hill area. The enemy attacked on them with heavy firing. In the attack he had bear loss of men and injures of many army men.

In spite of loss he did not stopped and move forward with strong determination and succeeded  in capturing the Knoll. By this time his company lost commander Major P. Acharya. Engrave with news  charged to the Pakistani Army.

…Even if I become a human again… I’ll join the Army and fight for my nation…

He and his troop setback enemy to around 15 m away. As the ridge beyond Knoll was narrow while crossing there were much danger of being killed.  Captain Vijayant decide to cross with his colleague. While crossing his head was struck by fire and  he collide in the arms of his colleague. Later his  company charged on the enemy and captured Knoll.

Due to his immense leadership and determination he was awarded by Vir Chakra posthumously.



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