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A Hero who taught how to live and die – Captain Mahendra Nath Mulla

There are various stories of brave soldiers who die for the country. They are the war heroes of India, our Motherland. who sacrifice their lives in the protection of our country.They are filled with the emotions of patriotism.

Trishul Defence Academy salutes this Patriotism and as matter of respect, Trishul Defence Academy  has created a blog in which aspirants gets a chance to learn more about the War Heroes.These are those Heroes who laid their lives for Us,For our Future.Lets read about them and remember them in Our Prayers.

Caption Mahendra Nath Mulla

  • Captain Mahendra  Nath Mulla is one of the Bravehearts of the Indian Navy who fought the battle of India Pakistan  1971. He was awarded the Mahavir chakra which is the second gallantry award.

Battle of India and Pakistan 1971

  • As on 3 December, 1971 Pakistani Airforce attacked the 6 Indian airfields. With this attack, the battle between Pakistan and India 1971 began.
  • On 5 December 1971  Indian Navy find out Pakistani Daphne-class submarine in the northern Arabian Sea which is approximately 16 miles away from the sea.
  • India Navy also participated in the battle.
  • To destroy the Pakistani submarine Indian anti-submarine frigate squadron appointed.
    For this  INS KHUKRI and INS  KRIPAN  are sent from Bombay.
  • Due to solar equipment in the  INS Khukri, the speed of detecting the enemy submarine limited to  12 knots and also solar can detect only 3000 yards which in comparison to other PNS Hangor is very less.
  • As the INS came into the target of  PNS Hangor , it hit the INS Khukri and started sinking.
  • The INS Kurkhri was sinking fasting the Captain  Mulla stops  his attempt to save the ship and began to evacuate it.
  • Although he can save himself with his life jacket he preferred to stand by 18 officers and 176 sailors who were in the ship.
  • He is a person who taught not only to live but how to die.
  • India takes pride in the story of INS Khukri and Captain MN Mulla.
  • And this is also how India will always remember Captain Mahendra Nath Mulla, MVC.


  • Two ships from Bombay sailed for the Arabian Sea to destroy Pakistani submarines.
  • Captain Mahendra Mulla is the captain of  both the ships INS Kurkhuri and also of INS Kripan.
  • Pakistani Torpedos hits the INS Kurkuri due to which INS Kurkuri  get down.
  • However,  the inability of saving the ship from sinking Captain started to abandon the ships and started rescue operations to save the officers and sailors on the deck.
  • So to  rescue them he leaves his lifesaver jacket for the sailor.
  • Rather to save himself he preferred to stay with the 18 officers and 176 sailors on the deck.
  • He was last seen on the deck of the ship before the ship get down.
  • Captain Mulla is the first Indian captain go down with the ship and also the ship was the first to sink.


  •  Captain Mulla is the reciever of  Mahavir Chakra, a second highest gallantry award after his death.
  • Most noteworthy he  lives and die selflessly .
  • To give honour to the martyrs of the battle of India and Pakistan 1971.
  • A memorial of INS full-scale model is build in Diu.
  • It faces the area where the battle takes place.

  • As a token of honour commemorative stamp of M.N. Mulla on the Golden Jubilee of India becoming a republic, the Department of Posts issued a stamp to pay tribute to Captain Mulla,s valour and sacrifice.
  • Therefore , Admiral Madhvendra Singh, then Chief of the Naval Staff inaugurates ‘Captain Mahendra Nath Mulla Auditorium’ a 968-seater, air-conditioned auditorium at Navy Nagar, Mumbai.

India will always remember Captain Mahendra Nath Mulla for his incredible humanity and courage.

We hope that the story of Captain Mahendra inspires and motivates you to be a person who lives and die for the others and for our Motherland.

Students and Fellow Readers its so easy to write about them or hear about them but this act of sacrificing one’s own life for others needs courage which only few men have.Let us all salute these men and see them as Our Role Models.

Jai Hind

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