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A hero of Operation Tornado – Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan

Our Indian , motherland have various sons who laid their lives to secure their country. We are proud to have such dedicated soldiers who always act as security for our nations and the citizens of our country.Trishul Defence Academy salutes the spirit of warriors and martyrs.

It’s been 11 years since the 26/11 Mumbai attacks but memories of the horrible carnage that killed 180 people and injured over 300, remain fresh. The terrorists had taken people hostage at the Taj Hotel Palace in Mumbai. Many brave officers of the ATS, army and police were martyred in this attack. Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan was also one of those martyred officers.  Let us read the story of his bravery today…

About Sandeep Unnikrishnan

Family Background

  • The brave-heart man was born on  15 March 1977 in Kozhikode, Kerala.  He belonged to  Malayali family lives in Bangalore and hs family shifted from Cheruvannur to Bangaluru.
  • His father K. Unnikrishnan has been an officer of ISRO.
  • His mother’s name is Dhanalakshmi Unnikrishnan. He was the only child of his parents.


  • He almost spent 14 years in Frank Anthony Public School in Bangalore for his earlier studies.
  • He also  completed his graduation from Science Stream in 1995.

Career  (In the army)

  • He was popular between his friend’s as “selfless”, “generous” and “calm and composed”.
  • After graduation, he joined NDA. After at least 4 years of joining he got an opportunity to fulfil the dream which each patriotic soldiers dream.
  • He was commissioned as lieutenant to the 7th Battalion of the Bihar Regiment (Infantry) on 12 July 1999.
  • After serving J&K and Rajasthan he was selected to join National Security Guards (NSA). During his training, he was the most dedicated soldier as he topped the  “ Ghatak course”, most difficult course of Indian Army.
  • After training, he was inducted to the Special Action Group (SAG) of NSG in January 2007 and participated in various operations of the NSG.


  • He participated in various important operation:- The most important was Operation Vijay Operation Tornado

Operation Vijay

Hegot the opportunity to be a part of  Kargil war and also deployed at posts in the face of heavy artillery firing and small arms fire by Pakistan troops. On the evening of 31 Dec 1999,  Major Unnikrishnan led a team of six soldiers and managed to establish a post 200 meters from the opposing side against heavy opposition and fire.

Operation Tornado(horrific terrorist attack in Mumbai)

  • On 26 November 2008, India witnessed a horrific terror attack. In the night of that day, several buildings of South Mumbai were attacked. 100-year-old Taj Mahal Palace Hotel was being chosen as the hostage held.
  • As a result of attack by terorist a team of 51 Special Action Group (51 SAG) commanded by Unnikrishnan was deployed in the operation at the hotel to rescue the hostages.
  • First of all Unnikrishnan forward with 10 commandos and reached to the sixth floor following stairs.
  • While continuing to the sixth floor they suspected perpetrators on the third floor. They found some women were locked behind the door.
  • Therefore , the team  decided to break the door.
  • While doing this team faces the barrage of fire from terrorists.
  • In the firing fellow colleague of Unnikrishnan Commando Sunil Yadav, was hitten by the fire.  Sandeep ran to save him and sent him out and save his life.
  • Later Major Sandeep charged on terrorists and save 14 hostages.
  • By his bravery, the terrorists were afraid and began to escape but he continued to retaliate. In that encounter, he was shot from the back which proved fatal.
  • His last words, according to NSG officials were,

“Do not come up, I will handle them,”.

  • His exceptional courage and leadership motivated his comrades to eliminate all the terrorists and complete the assigned mission successfully.


  • As a result of his bravery and courage, he set an inspiration to his comrades to kill all the terrorist who attacked in Mumbai.
  • A road in Bengaluru is also named after him.
  • A statue of him has also been installed at the Ramamurthy Nagar Outer Ring Road junction in Bengaluru.
  • His posthumous Shantikal has been also honoured for his bravery.
  • For his tremendous and extempore leadership and bravery, he was posthumously awarded highest gallantry award of India that’s ASHOKA CHAKRA
  • During his cremation ceremony, a large crowd gathered to pay homage to him and also given full military honour bid.

Students and Fellow Readers its so easy to write about them or hear about them but this act of sacrificing one’s own life for others needs courage which only few men have. Let us all salute these men and see them as Our Role Models.

Jai Hind

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