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Zojila War Day 2021 : Why is Zozila War Of Between India & Pakistan Important ?

Zojila War Day 2021 : The Indian Army has fought many historical battles and has forced the enemy to kneel every time with its valour. One such battle is the Battle of Zojila Pass, which is less discussed but this battle was so strategically important that if the Indian Army had lost the battle of Zojila Pass, Leh-Ladakh could have been part of Pakistan today. 73 years ago from today, in the year 1948, India occupied the place by expelling the Pakistani army from Zojila Pass. Since then, November 1 is celebrated as Zojila War Day.

Why was Zojila War so important?

At the time of the partition of India-Pakistan, Ladakh was guarded by the soldiers of the Jammu and Kashmir State Force. However, with the aim of capturing Jammu and Kashmir, the Pakistani army attacked. Even before the Indian Army retaliated, the Pakistan Army had occupied Gilgit Baltistan. After this the Pakistani army also captured Kargil, Dras and later Zojila Pass.

Let us tell you that one can go to Leh-Ladakh only by the way passing through Zojila Pass. In such a situation, the capture of Zojila Pass by Pakistan meant the capture of the Pakistani army on the way from Srinagar to Leh and eventually Leh and Ladakh passed from the hands of India. In such difficult times, General KS Thimayya decided that the Indian Army would again capture Zojila Pass, Kargil and Dras.

This difficult responsibility was given to 77 Para Brigade, which was commanded by Brigadier KL Atal. The 77 Para Brigade under the leadership of Brigadier Atal showed great bravery and captured the Zojila Pass on 1 November 1948.

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Zojila War Day 2021 : Indian army surprised Pakistan

Zojila War Day 2021 : Let us tell you that the occupation of the Pakistani army on the Zojila pass was very strong. In such a situation, taking a bold decision, the Indian Army decided to land the tank at an altitude of 11 thousand feet. Let us tell you that before this tanks were not used at such a height. The team of Army Engineers (Madras Sappers) built a track from where the tanks were taken to the Zojila Pass.

The tanks of the Indian Army had reached Zojila Pass after a journey of about a month. However, due to heavy snowfall there, the Indian Army had to face a lot of challenges. However, the soldiers of the army, showing indomitable courage, surprised the enemy army by transporting the tanks till the Zojila pass. The Indian Army had proved its mettle and courage by transporting the tank at such a height in such difficult weather. After this, the army had captured Kargil and Dras along with Zojila Pass. A War Memorial is also built on the Zojila Pass in memory of the Zojila War.

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