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Trishul Defence Academy  Salutes  Martyrdom  of Indian  Martyrs  of  2019

आओ ,झुक कर सलाम करे उनको

जिनके हिस्से में यह मुकाम आता है

खुशनसीब होते हा वो लोग जिनका

खून देश के काम आता है

Indian Army is our life, our pride. For the country’s border and its security, our Government formed the Indian Army. This army has the responsibility of protecting all the borders of the country from water, land and sky.

Since our independence various soldier’s sacrifices their lives for the country and citizens of the county. There is no bigger sacrifice than laid life in the defence of the nation. therefore it’s our duty to honour their valour, sacrifice and martyrdom.  The true tribute to the martyrs is when we must adopt, nurture and give succour to their families. It’s not just for one year or two but for as long as it takes.

Through  the following lines, we can get the thinking of a patriotic soldier

बस एक आखिरी ख्वाइश है दिल में

शामिल होना है  मुझे शहीदों में

आंसू होने चाहिए मात-पिता के आँखों में 

पर अफ़सोस न होने चाहिए उनके जज्बातों में

नहीं चाहिए मुझे कोई चक्र 

बस धरती माँ को होना चाहिए मुझमे फक्र 

साधारण मौत तो सबको नसीब  होती है

पर शहीद नसीब वाले होते है

Indian Army has released a list of 77 martyrs who lost their lives in various operations in 2019. The list includes 02 officers, 03 JCOs, and 72 PBORs who sacrifice their lives for us beyond their duty. Let’s us immortal the names of these martyrs in our lives and in our history.

Those who shed the rivers of blood are called martyrs

Martyrs do not die they become immortal

In 2019, a total of five major martyrs of the army were martyred. Their names are –


  1. Major Shashidharan V. Nair
  2. Major Nishit Dogra
  3. Major Ketan Sharma
  4. Major Chitresh Bisht
  5. Major Vibhuti Shankar Dhondial


  1. Lieutenant Colonel S. Anand
  2. Gunner Palandit
  3. Grenadier Ranjit Singh
  4. Grenadier Sanjay Kumar
  5. Signalman Waghmare Anil Shamrao
  6. Signalman Vijay Yadav
  7. Signalman Santosh Gop
  1. Naib Subedar Sombeer
  2. Naib Subedar Walte Sunil Raosaheb
  3. Naib Subedar Sewang Jialshan
  4. Lance Naik Sapan
  5. Lance Naik Kartar Singh
  6. Lance Naik Sandeep Thapa
  7. Lance Naik Mo Javed
  8. Lance Naik Rajinder Singh


  1. Havildar Shev Ram
  2.  Havildar Rakesh Kumar
  3. Havildar Padma Bahadur Shrestha
  4. Havildar Swarna Kumar
  5. Havildar Manzoor Ahmed Baig
  6. Havildar Baljeet
  7. Havildar Rajendra Singh
  8. Havildar Chougule Jyotiba Ganpati
  9. Havildar Santosh Kumar
  10. Havildar Hardeva Ram Bhichar
  11. Havildar Jagdale Rajendra Somnath
  12. Havildar Amarjeet Kumar


  1. Nayak Kuldeep Singh
  2. Nayak Parvez
  3. Nayak Rajib Thapa
  4. Nayak Arun Kumar
  5. Nayak Rajendra Singh
  6. Nayak Subhash Thapa
  7. Nayak Maninder Singh
  8. Nayak Krishna Lal
  9. Nayak Videsh Chand
  10. Nayak Sandeep
  11. Nayak Sawant Sandeep Raghunath
  12. Nayak Buta Singh
  13. Nayak Ajit Kumar Sahu
  14. Nayak Ravi Ranjan Kumar Singh


  1. Sepoy Sandeep
  2. SepoyVirpal Singh
  3. Sepoy Dimple Kumar
  4. Sepoy Manish Kumar
  5. Sepoy  Rahul Bhairu Sulgekar
  6. Sepoy Manoj Kumar Barla
  7. Sepoy  Rambir
  8. Sepoy  Selukar Munna Poonaji
  9. Sepoy  Rohit Kumar Yadav
  10. Sepoy Hari Bhakar
  11. Sepoy Hari Singh
  12. Sepoy Ajay Kumar
  13. Sepoy  Vinod Kumar
  14. Sepoy  Hemraj Jat
  15. Sepoy  Amit
  16. Sepoy Kalam Kumar


  1. Rifleman Jeevan Gurung
  2. Rifleman Karamjit Singh
  3. Rifleman Yash Paul
  4. Rifleman Mohammad Rafi Yatu
  5. Rifleman Rajesh Rishi
  6. Rifleman Govind Bahadur Kshetri
  7. Rifleman Nitin Rana
  8. Rifleman Arjun Kumar
  9. Rifleman Akshay Kumar
  10. Rifleman Gamil Kumar Shrestha
  11. Rifleman Padma Norges
  12. Rifleman Arif Shafialam Khan Pathan
  13. Rifleman Anil Kumar Jaswal
  14. Rifleman Sukhwinder Singh
  15. Rifleman Arjun Thapa Magar


Dear All Martyr Soldier

Your Sacrifices is Worth

For our nation

We will never forget the day

They must pay for this

You always remain immortal in our hearts

Students and Fellow Readers its so easy to write about them or hear about them but this act of sacrificing one’s own life for others needs courage which only few men have. Let us all salute these men and see them as Our Role Models. We all are proud of heroes of our country.

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Jai Hind

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