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The legendary hero of Kargil war Captain Vikram Batra

In the history of India, many soldiers  sacrifices their lives for the security and protection of our Mother India. India and the peoples of India always remember the sacrifices and dedication toward their duty. They occupies an immortal place in the hearts of the Indian.

Trishul Defence Academy has created a blog to familiarize the aspirants with these patriots’ saga of valour and inspire them through which they motivate the aspirants and pay homage to these patriots.

Trishul Defence Academy salutes the courage of the soldiers and their motherhood towards the country. These are those Heroes who laid their lives for us, for our Future. Lets read about them and remember them in Our Prayers.

In today’s blog, we were going to discuss the legendary man of the Kargil war “CAPTAIN VIKRAM BATRA “

Captain Batra was the key man of the Kargil war. He was awarded Param Vir Chakra posthumously. PVC is the highest and Prestigious gallantry award given to the valour to the Indian armed forces soldiers.

About  Captain Batra 

  • The legendary person of Kargil war was born on 9th September 1974, Palampur in Himachal Pradesh.
  • G.L. Batra, Kamal Kanta Batra was the parents of this legendary.
  • Vishal Batra is the siblings of Captain Vikram Batra
  • He completed his education from DAV College, Chandigarh.
  • He had taken part in operations of Kargil War; Operation Vijay; Battle of Point 5140; Battle of Point 4875.
  • The point 4875 was also known as Vikram Batra Top.
  • He got martyrdom on 7 July 1999, at Kargil war.
  • A book is written on the Captain Vikram Batra  “Legendary tale of  ‘Captain Vikram Batra’: The ‘Sher Shah’ of Indian Army” 
  • He was popular as SherShah between the soldiers.
  • Captain Batra is also well known in India for using the slogan, ‘Yeh Dil Maange More’ as his signal to communicate mission success.
  • The last word of Captain Batra  was “I’ll either come back after raising the Indian flag in victory or return wrapped in it, but I will come for sure,”
  • As a result of his bravery Indian army succeeds to capture the  3 point i.e. 5140, point 4875 and point 4750.

Story of War and Bravery of Captain Vikram Batra

  • He was the hero of the Kargil war and also led one of the difficult mission in the war.
  • Before going to the war he called his father and told him all the situation. It was the last call made by him to his father.
  • When Kargil war being started on 1st June 1999 the unit of Vikram Batra was sent during the operation to recapture the point 5140-at a height of 17,000 feet.
  • When Captain Batra reached the point 5140  the Pakistani soldier said to him on the radio that

Why have you come here Shershah, you will not go back.” 

  • so that  Captain Batra back off from the battle. but in spite of backoff, he answered  to the message that,

We shall see within one hour who remains on the top.”

  • After this message within an hour, Captain Batra and his troops’ succeed to capture point 5140.
  • He also captured heavy machine guns.
  • After capturing he sent a message on the radio

yeh, dil mange more!”

  •  After achieving the goal pf capturing point 5140, the next mission was to capture point 4750.

  • On reaching the point again he was provoked by Pakistani  with a message

“Shershah, nobody shall be left to lift your dead bodies.”

  • Captain Batra said in response to this threatful message that

“ Don’t  worry about us, pray for your safety.”

  • After succeeding in two mission and capturing two-point he was sent to the third task i.e. point  4875.
  • The pave of capturing the point  4875 was kept by Captain  Anuj Nayyar who is also one of the heroes of Kargil war.
  • After martyr of Captain Nayyar, fascinated by patriotism,  Captain Vikram Batra had been given the task to recapture the point 4875.
  •  In the counter-attacked by enemy Captain Batra and his troops fought with the zeal.
  • During the battle, Lt. Naveen who was the junior of Captain Batra got injured in the firing he went to rescue him although he requested him that he wanted to continue the battle. Captain Batra replied to him,

“ Tu Baal Bachedaar Hai! Hatt Jaa Peeche.”

Death of Captain Batra

  •  When Lt. Naveen got injured and Captain Batra was rescuing him a bullet shot by enemy found his way towards his heart. The brave son of India fell down and slept forever in deep sleep.

  • His last word was  ” Jai Mata Di”

Students and Fellow Readers it’s so easy to write about them or hear about them but this act of sacrificing one’s own life for others needs courage which only a few men have. Let us all salute these men and see them as Our Role Models.

Jai Hind

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