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Job Role Of MNS – How Is It Different From Doctors

MNS stands for Military Nursing services. It is a golden opportunity for every women candidate dreaming of a future in nursing field. It is a bit different job as compare to basic nursing jobs as it involves military in itself.

Students often get confused over the job roles of MNS candidates and  misunderstood it with job of a Doctor. In this article we will try to clarify the difference in job roles of a military doctor and MNS i.e. nursing candidate.

As the name suggests MNS i.e. Military Nursing Services is a commissioned level entry for women in Indian Armed forces as a Nurse in various Military Hospitals.


  • Military nurses have a number of the same responsibilities as traditional nurses. However, they are not only educated in basic nursing skills, but they’re also trained on how to work with military patients and how to work in a military environment.
  • It’s not uncommon for military nurses to work right alongside military personnel in war zones.
  • One of the most dangerous and difficult aspects of a military nursing career is caring for deployed members of the military during wartime. This often includes treating severe life-threatening injuries, such as gunshot wounds or lost limbs.
  • Because of the severity of the injuries that they may encounter as well as the volatile work environment, military nurses must be able to keep a cool head under pressure.
  • Life saving skills is also essential skills to have if you’re looking to pursue a military nursing career.
  • They may also treat patients suffering from common medical problems, ranging from the common cold to a sprained ankle to cancer.


From the above job roles you might have get the idea that what a military nurse basically do. If you have the idea about the difference between a doctor and a nurse you’ll completely understand the difference between a military nurse and doctor.

The doctors are there to treat the patients and whereas the Nurses have the job take care of those patients and help the doctors to cure them.

Hope the above mentioned information will serves helpful. For any other queries regarding MNS (Military Nursing course) or also called as AFMC nursing you can contact us on the numbers provided below or feel free to get free counselling at your nearest centre of Trishul Defence Academy.


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