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Goal can be defined as the object of a person’s ambition or effort to achieve a desired result. It is vital to have a goal and the map to achieve it. Setting up a goal helps you get your dreams come true.

Here we are discussing some key points why it is necessary to have a goal in our life to achieve success.


Have you ever wonder why you are in the situation you’re in right now? If yes, congratulations and if no, then it is the time you start to ponder. Success doesn’t come in just one day rather it is the result of discipline, hard work and a plan. Can you score any basket without having any basket net in the field? Of course no, you will just keep tapping and bouncing the ball. Same way when you don’t have a goal you just keep wandering here and there without any purpose in life. The first objective in your life should be to have a goal, it gives you vision in your life, without vision your life is blind and have no light to direct you in any particular direction. In other words, without goal your life become meaningless and psychologically majority of depression patients don’t have vision in their life.


When you have a vision, you are able to put your energy in that direction, training your mind to focus in that direction only. Your brain is that powerful tool which can turn the impossible into possible. Your brain emits frequency even when you’re sleeping; your subconscious mind is always working towards whatever you focus from conscious mind. By having a vision, you are able to work for it from your conscious mind, hence your subconscious mind automatically focus on emitting frequency in having your vision achieved.


By having goals set you will definitely plan for it, if you aren’t then it’s like you have the remote control but don’t know how to use it. Always have a planner to work for day and set small goals; if you have a long term goal then break it into small plans each heading towards other and set short term goals for it. It makes you active and not to delay things for tomorrow. Endeavour to do the work in given moment as it will not only save your time but you will learn the value of living in the present, tomorrow is not promised. This is the biggest saying every successful person always tell others.


Endeavoring to achieve your goal result in either you’ve achieved goal or not, but in any circumstances you are not unsuccessful. Just look back at your ways, your plans, and the way you executed them and see what went wrong. Apply new method and keep on trying till you achieve the goal. Never stop trying anything new with the fear of failing. Success is the result of failure blocks tied with the rope of learning.

Life is all about gratitude, focusing on the blessings we have rather than what is missing gives you a better perception of what success is.

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