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Amitabh Kumar Gupta’s Success Story Who Cleared NDA 2 2021 in 2nd attempt

Amitabh Kumar Gupta makes the Trishul Defence Academy proud as he has cleared the NDA 2 2021 written exam in his 2nd attempt. Amitabh Kumar Gupta comes from a small place named Khusinagar. For this success, he credited Trishul Defence Academy.

Amitabh Kumar Gupta comes from a very humble family where he had to travel 15 kilometres to complete his schooling. His father is a farmer. After knowing the legacy of success in Trishul Defence Academy and the advice of his elders, Gupta joined the institution. However, at first, he was not thinking of the NDA. The experienced faculty of the academy noticed his talent and advised him to enrol in the course for NDA. Now the result is apparent. Amitabh successfully cracked the NDA 2: 2021 on his second attempt.

In his comments, he expressed gratitude to the whole Trishul Defence Academy team, led by the famous defence educator Abhinav Mehrotra and his crew. I am very happy and honoured to be part of Trishul Defence Academy as it discovered the talent in me and insisted on choosing the NDA course. I am here only because of the institution. I am very proud and satisfied that I enrolled in the institution. Teachers are the best here and are ready to help students in all situations. I will advise you to choose this academy for a better future in the defence professions. “

Every student’s achievement is our success, as Trishul Defence Academy strives to turn every defence aspirant into an achiever. Trishul continues its unbroken streak of success in the Defence Entrance Exams.

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