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What is OIR Test? Importance of Officer Intelligence Rating Test

What is OIR Test? : The Officer Intelligence Rating, or OIR, is a test of a candidate’s intelligence. This test consists of two test booklets, each of which contains approximately 40 (sometimes 50) questions for which you will have 17 minutes to complete (will increase for 50 questions). You must attempt to answer all questions within the time limit. 

Generally, applicants discuss the OIR marking scheme unnecessarily, i.e., if that many questions are accurate, OIR 1 or so. But you must avoid such discourse because you have no influence over these things, but you do have power over your performance, so concentrate on that. Each booklet contains 40 questions.

Each booklet will take 17 minutes to complete. Even a 10th-grade student would be too brilliant to answer all of the questions correctly on this test, but time is the most important issue, therefore match yourself to the time restriction. This test does not have any negative marking. At the Services Selection Boards, no one is allowed to wear a watch during any of the tests. You must follow all instructions given by the person administering your test; before the actual test begins, they will conduct a mock test to familiarise you with the test.

Intelligence tests are used to determine a candidate’s OIR and are divided into two categories: verbal and non-verbal. Both of these tests have 40 to 55 questions, and the length of time varies from 20 to 30 minutes depending on the difficulty level of the intelligence tests. Both of these assessments include questions with application in the analytical, mathematical, logical, and semantic domains. The difficulty level of these examinations is being amended by the DIPR in order to meet the current level of intelligence of the candidates. An average candidate with common sense and basic intellect will be able to solve these questions with high accuracy with no prior preparation.

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Importance of Officer Intelligence Rating Test

Aspirants for the SSB are exposed to a wide range of material and are more familiar with competitive examinations early in their lives, it is envisaged that they need to be pushed with higher-level intelligence tests. Each of these papers focuses on distinct intellectual talents of the candidate by projecting different types of questions in a timed way, and each of these papers consists of verbal and non-verbal type of questions.

The questions appropriately assess a candidate’s ability to operate efficiently and accurately in a variety of settings. Both the verbal and non-verbal versions work together to produce a two-dimensional true IQ level of the candidate for intelligence exams. Both of these examinations have no negative marking to encourage applicants to mark their answers freely without caring about the eventual result, with the goal of challenging their mental talents in a short amount of time.

OIR Tests are necessary to assess a candidate’s basic reasoning abilities as well as his logical viewpoint on problems ranging from medium to difficult. This test assesses the candidate’s ability to respond fast and properly, as well as their ability to think on their feet. The candidate’s ability in any discipline is not examined; rather, as stated in the preceding sections, the questions are merely based on logical thinking.

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