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What are Assessors looking in PPDT

What are Assessors looking in PPDT?

What are Assessors looking in PPDT?

What are Assessors looking in PPDT?The PPDT is a crucial round on the first day that is distinct from the general evaluation that occurs at all locations. This puts SSB in a distinct category of tests. The audience is shown a wholly or partially obscured image, after which they are given time to dwell on it, write action, and construct a whole tale around it. This is entirely dependent on each individual’s perception. Then there’s a group discussion with 15-20 candidates, in which everyone is supposed to reach a consensus. The variation in this game is preserved since no one in the group, except the assessors, knows what the initial picture was.

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Please keep in mind that in such instances, only the appropriate perception and fit with the unique personality will enable the person to be chosen, as that is the expectation and the only opportunity to demonstrate who you truly are. Nothing else can assist you with the screening procedure. And forget about the pre-fabricated narrative, because the assessors are well aware of what they’ve supplied, even if it’s hazy for the audience attempting it.

Many applicants have expressed concern that they were screened out despite their strong performance. First and first, there is no true definition of good, and you must be certain that you have performed admirably at that location. Upon closer examination, it is discovered that such persons had written stories based on something they had read somewhere that had no relation to the real thing they were given. The following tips can greatly assist you in obtaining screen time:

Looking For Best SSB Interview Preparation In Allahabad


What are Assessors looking in PPDT? : Follow These Tips


  • Prepare well in advance and don’t wait till the last minute because SSB is a personality test and only OLQ’s are judged via multiple rounds, so don’t push it to another level. 


  • In this instance, the only thing that can help is self-introspection, which will allow you to assess what you already have and what further traits are required. 


  • Once the weak areas have been recognised, they must be developed in a timely manner, which is where the planning begins. Take all rounds seriously because even the tiniest error can result in rejection. 


  • Introspection tools are accessible, which I employ in my personal analysis through the mentorship program. Such tools were created by me and made analysis easier. If you have someone with relevant knowledge, you might be able to do it on your own. 


  • Don’t rely on other people’s stories or anything else they’ve written. It can only be used as a starting point and guide. Please keep in mind that every person is unique, and hence no single story can be applied to everyone. It has been seen many times that one story may work for one person but not for another. So keep the essentials in mind while you prepare.

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