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Understanding SSB for TGC Entry Scheme

SSB for TGC : If you have a passion for technical things and a love for the country, TGC or Technical Graduates Course entry is one of the best post-graduation entries. This is the ideal gateway after graduation to follow your dreams while also serving the country. In this article, I will explain the SSB Interview Process for TGC and how to prepare for the TGC SSB interview, among other things.

The SSB Interview would be the same for all entries; there would be no differences in the interview. All of the procedures would be the same as they are for other entries such as NDA, CDS, INET, and so on. Even though you did not take the written test, the number of questions and types of questions in the TGC SSB Interview can be changed. So, the majority of the questions will be from your structured topics in order to test your expertise about your stream, and topics for the group discussion can also be challenging; always gather knowledge about recent current events. Because the majority of the topics would be drawn from there. Let us now look at the SSB Interview procedure:

SSB Interview Process for TGC:

The SSB Interview lasts five days, so I’ll go over each day individually, such as day one, day two, day three, and so on. Let’s begin with the first day:

Day 1 –

Making a report ( at MCO moment control office)

Document Verification

Filling out forms



  1. Intelligence tests (verbal and nonverbal)


  1. Description of a Picture Test (PPDT)


The results will be announced within 2-3 hours, and those who fail will be sent back, while the remaining candidates will remain for the next four days.

Day 2

On the second day, you will have to resolve a few more tests as well. Keep in mind that each test and each round is very important for your selection. A few of these tests will be written and others will be verbal, so start preparing for the best.

Thematic Apperception Test

Word Association Test

Situation Reaction Test

Self Description Test




GTO (Group Testing Officers) You will be required to participate in group activities with your partners in this. You will be assigned a chest number and must complete each activity with your partner/group.

Discussion in groups

Exercising group planning

Task progression in a group

Half-group assignment

Obstacle task for individuals

task of command

Group Obstacle test

Remember that this is a group activity, so work with your group rather than trying to prove that you are the finest. Always keep up with your group. Demonstrate your ability to work well with others in this situation. The SSB interview essentially selects the all-rounder candidate who excels in all activities. Never be shy or hesitant. Just give it your all.



In-person Interview

This is a crucial round in your selection, during which they can ask you any question about the subjects or your private life. This round usually causes people to pause and feel worried. Just be truthful to yourself. They don’t care what you’ve done in the past; they only care about your attitude toward the future and what you’re capable of doing in the future. To pass this phase of the interview, you must have sufficient knowledge of your academic studies and streams. They may ask you any question to test your knowledge, so be honest with yourself and answer each question gently, with a slight smile on your face.










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