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Reasons for Getting Screened Out in SSB Interview

Screened Out in SSB Interview Reasons : It’s excruciatingly painful to be screened out of the SSB interview’s stage-I testing. The screening test is an important process that must be fully prepared for; passing the screening test entitles you to 5 days of stage-II testing. The majority of candidates have no idea what to do during the screening tests, so let’s talk about some reasons for getting screened out of an SSB interview.

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Screened Out in SSB Interview Reasons : Note Them Down  !


  1. Nervousness: Being nervous will reduce your performance; you must believe in yourself and your preparedness.


  1. Lack of knowledge: If you don’t know about the procedure ahead of time, you will certainly lose some points.


  1. Poor Story: Writing negative stories such as suicide, murder, and so on directly harms your chances.


  1. Weak Communication Abilities: You must be able to communicate in English so that evaluators and others can understand you. There is another option of Hindi, but if you choose it, you should pack your bags.


  1. Poor Narration: If you are not confident in conveying your story, you may lose half of your points.


  1. Terrible Body Language: Standing up, moving your parts of the body aggressively, and trying to touch others all show a lack of self belief and have a negative impact on your performance.



  1. Unable to assist team: If you are doing something that bothers your group members, you are doing it wrong; if you can’t persuade them, you must not disrupt their output by yelling or speaking constantly.


  1. Selfishness: If you only focus on clearing screening, you may make a mistake due to nervousness. Instead, focus on helping others by putting together a group effort to create a common story, which will improve your results.



  1. Discussion vs. Debate: You must understand the distinction between a healthy discussion and a debate.


  1. Liveliness: This is something that most aspirants lack; if you can attract group members by the way you describe and discuss, you will undoubtedly attract assessors. In GD, you are expected to converse with group members; otherwise, attending a group discussion is pointless.









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