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Obstacles in SSB

Obstacles in SSB

Obstacles are the part of Group Testing in SSB.

Here candidate are required to complete series of task one after other every task. The number of obstacles varies for men and women, Men have to complete 10 obstacles and women 7 in the given three minutes.

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Some of the general obstacles are:-

High Jump, Barrel Jump, Double Jump, Tarzan Swing, Tiger Leap, Burma Bridge, Rope Climb, Commando Walk, Double Ditch, Screen Jump, Balance Beam, Monkey Crawl etc.

Few Important things while doing obstacles task

Each Obstacle carries marks according to its difficulty level. Highest Difficulty level having highest marks 10 and the subsequent 9,8,7,6….1 Mark.

The Candidate can repeat his obstacles if he has completed his task before time, this test provides you excellent chance to get marks, because this test solely based upon your individual performance, and you have to prove yourself by performing task in a better way.

The candidates are being called for performance of task one by one according to their chest no.


Candidate have to be very careful of the bells, one bell is rung after 2 and a half minutes, this bells indicates two things one that only 30 seconds are left for candidate who is performing the task

and other indicates next candidate should get ready for his task.

Listen all the instructions of GTO very carefully.

Before the beginning of the task the GTO will introduce you with each obstacles and one person will be there who will show you how the task will be performed.

Once you being introduced about obstacles be very careful from where you have to begin your task.

It is better to finish balancing obstacles first in the starting of the task or else it will be difficult to balance your once you will get exhausted after doing all task.

These obstacles surely not that task which you do in your daily life and practically,

it’s not possible try to build obstacles at home and practice them, You should just be fit enough not to injure yourself and sustain for that 3 minutes.

It is advised to practice running, jogging and skipping to build up your stamina and sustain yourself for the whole durations of the entire task.

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