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Lecturette Topics for SSB Interview 2022

Lecturette Topics for SSB Interview 2022

Lecturette Topics for SSB Interview 2022 : One of the most important subjects in SSB is lecturette. To make a positive impact on the GTO, one must prepare well in Lecturette.  So, here are some important Lecturette topics that are commonly asked in SSB interview and especially for the SSB Interview 2022 of respective entry schemes. 

Lecturette Topics for SSB Interview 2022 : What exactly is a Lecturette?

Lecturette is one of the examinations conducted during the SSB interview to assess the candidate’s personality and ability to demonstrate Officer Like Qualities. The test requires you to speak for a set amount of time on a specific topic. The candidate is given three minutes minutes to prepare for the topic and then three minutes to speak on it.  After 3 minutes, the GTO calls the candidate to submit his card and come in front of the group to give a brief lecture on the subject. While the first candidate is delivering the lecture, the second candidate takes a cue card, selects a topic, and begins preparing. When the first candidate has finished, the GTO calls the second candidate and instructs him to deliver his lectureette on the topic he chose.

What is the purpose of Lecturette?

The GTO makes small talk with all of the applicants in the group before the Lecturette begins, asking them to say the following information:

  1. Name 
  2. Name 
  3. Job of the parents
  4. Education/profession
  5. Interests

Lecturette is essentially a test to see if an applicant has a sufficient amount of knowledge and, based on that knowledge, how well he can organise his ideas in a short amount of time. His command of the language also puts his self-belief to the test.

A great leader is always considered as the one who, through his words, can inspire and motivate soldiers to the battlefront. The leader must be a brilliant orator who can ignite self-belief within the soldier during times of adversity.

Lecturette Topics for SSB Interview 2022

Here are some essential Lecturette Issues for SSB Interview:

  1. India and its Neighbors
  2. One Belt, One Road Initiative
  3. Siachen Dispute
  4. Article 370
  5. Indus Water Treaty
  6. India- Afghanistan Relation
  7. Armed Forces Special Powers Act
  8. Article 35A of the Constitution
  9. Relations between India and the United States 
  10. Relations between India and Japan
  11. ISIS Terrorism
  12. Relations between India and Pakistan
  13. India’s Foreign Affairs 
  14. Sports in India
  15. Here are some essential Lecturette Issues for SSB Interview:
  16. India and its Neighbors
  17. One Belt, One Road Initiative
  18. Siachen Dispute
  19. Article 370
  20. Indus Water Treaty
  21. India- Afghanistan Relation
  22. Armed Forces Special Powers Act
  23. Article 35A of the Constitution
  24. Relations between India and the United States 
  25. Relations between India and JAPAn
  26. ISIS Terrorism
  27. Relations between India and Pakistan
  28. India’s Foreign Affairs Sports in India
  29. Elections for the Union Budget in India
  30. E-Commerce
  31. Children’s Labor
  32. Marriage of a Child
  33. India is a world power
  34. The Internet: A boon or a curse?
  35. My favourite animal
  36. My favourite day of my life
  37. Alternative Energy Sources
  38. Co-Education
  39. India’s Nuclear Policy
  40. Education in Sex
  41. MNERGA
  42. India’s Energy Crisis
  43. Scarcity of Water
  44. Obesity
  45. The Indian Economy
  46. Wildlife Protection 
  47. Brain Drain
  48. Your favourite day 
  49.  nuclear energy
  50. India’s Higher Education System
  51. Reservation in India
  52.  Cybercrime
  53. Population 
  54. Inflation 
  55. India-Israel Relations
  56. Discrimination Against Women
  57. Globalisation
  58. India’s agriculture
  59. India’s 
  60. Dowry System 
  61. Online Education 
  62. My Role Model
  63. Warming of the Planet
  64. The Internet’s Importance
  65. Information Technology’s Role in Government Schemes








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