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Lecturette Topics For 10+2 TES SSB

Lecturette Topics For 10+2 TES SSB Interview 2021

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Lecturette Topics For 10+2 TES SSB : In this blog, we are going to provide the defence aspirants and SSB candidates with the latest Lecturette Topics for 10+2 TES SSB.

Before we go forward to Latest Lecturette Topics Asked In the SSB Interview section, a defence aspirant is required to learn what is Lecturette in SSB and also what is it’s importance. Now whether it is for revision or first time learning, going through is worth it.

What Is Lecutrette ? Know It’s Importance

SSB involves a lot of tests among which Lecturette is the most straightforward. The following is an inside and out clarification of this round:

The abstract importance of Lecturette is ‘little talk’. As inferred by the name and the strict importance lecturette round requires a candidate to speak on the given topic. The point of directing the Lecturette round is to look at the character of an applicant, his or her certainty, verbal abilities and his knowledge panel.

It is a part of a group task conducted by the GTO Officer. In the Lecturette round of SSB, applicants are divided into specific groups.

Candidates are called individually to take the clue play card wherein 4 topics are given. The subjects range from social, financial, political points or current affairs. When the competitor has chosen his or her topic duration of 3 minutes is given to set up a discussion over it.

Following three minutes the candidates come before the group members, gives his self-introduction momentarily and starts his speech.

In the meantime, another competitor is called to pick a point and set up his or her content.


Lecturette Topics For 10+2 TES SSB Interview 2021


DRONE Technology – Pros or Cons 

What is Drone technology?  

Drones are flying devices, which can be controlled using a remote or smartphone.  

Pros of Drone technology: 

Drones are very much beneficial in replacing humans for working in dangerous places such as mining. Drones are being used for military purposes. They can prevent or reduce the loss of lives at the time of wars by replacing humans. 

Drones are being used in many industries. They go to places where it is difficult for humans to go. For  example, they can be used to deliver medicines quickly in hilly regions. 

As per records, the earliest version of drones was used in 1849. But from then, drones were mostly used for military purposes. Only a few years ago, the miniaturization of drones allowed multiple industries to start leveraging drone technology. 

Now, drones are accessible to the general public. They are being used for many reasons such as personal interests, commercial purposes, military use etc. 

Drones can be used to deliver food at the time of natural calamities. Not just delivering food, using drones,  rescue teams can find people that are stuck and can save them. So, drones can save lives. They can be used in agriculture too for seed dispersal, pollinating flowers, identifying crop diseases etc. They can decrease the workload for humans by taking care of monotonous tasks such as delivering goods,  sowing seeds etc. 

They can be used to provide internet access in remote areas. 

Drones can replace many jobs, especially monotonous jobs. But the good thing is that drone technology is creating plenty of jobs. 

Drones are cost-saving. For example, many people who bought drones for personal purposes use them for taking aerial shots. Earlier, before drones became accessible to the general public, taking aerial shots is very expensive. 

Cons of drone technology: 

Drones can be misused to stalk, vandalize homes and for doing many other anti-social activities. There have been many incidents, where drones posed security threats. Drones are prone to hacking. They can collide with flights 


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles can be used for many purposes. Drones have the potential to revolutionize many  sectors. They are already being used in many industries including agriculture, construction, mining, filmmaking.

Statue of Unity – Symbol of Pride or Wastage of Public Money?

For the Motion 

There are several points to justify this spending as a symbol of pride, as explained under the following bullet  points: 

A lot of employment was generated during the building of this monument,  

especially among skilled construction workers, stonemasons and  


Over a period of time, more such employment will be generated once the  

entire complex is well-developed. A museum dedicated to Sardar  

Vallabhbhai Patel and the entire Freedom Movement, plus the usual  

souvenir shops will do a lot to develop this place. 

In the long run, there will be massive tourism potential to the surrounding  

area, as people from far and wide, both within and outside the country  

would be able to visit the place. In the era of Social Media and Instagram,  

what better place to click a selfie than right under the world’s tallest  


World over, people will be reading about the highest statue being in India.  

This is a massive symbol of pride. 

It is also a major statement of respect paid to one of the greatest architects  

of India’s nation-building process. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was in  

many ways responsible for the creation of modern India, as we know the  

country. This statue restores his place in the pantheon of greats. 

The construction of this monument has been strategically placed to also ensure better distribution of wealth. The  Statue of Unity could have been constructed in any of the commercial hubs, but it was done in the Narmada district,  one of the most backward ones in Gujarat. As a result, now the returns from this mega-project will over time trickle down to the hinterland. 

Against the Motion 

There is an enormous cost to this project which could have been used elsewhere. Large parts of the country are reeling under climate-change-induced disasters, the funds diverted there would have been of far greater use to all.  Health, sanitation, environment, education and safety could be various other areas to invest in. 

There are other ways of showing respect to the icons of this nation such as Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Several older monuments lie in disrepair and in much need of a facelift. Greater awareness too could be spread from primary-level onwards on the contribution these stalwarts played towards the nation-building of India. 

The high petrol prices in India, at a time when global crude oil prices were in control, could also be attributed to the loans procured from PSU oil companies towards funding this venture. Oil being so fundamental to any economy, its price rise, automatically leads to several economic complications. 

The tourism potential will need a lot of time to be realised as the area is under-developed in terms of connectivity and infrastructure. A lot needs to be done to make the area a tourism hub, such as building roads, hotels and regular train links to the bigger cities. That will cost even more to the exchequer. 

This development in turn, will create major environmental hazards, many of which were already created during the initial construction of the statue. Swathes of green verge were cleared in order to make space. The human impact has also been hard. A number of tribal people were evicted from their land, in order to build the  Statue of Unity. These people’s rehabilitation efforts are not yet clear. 

Work from Home  


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies allowed their employees to work from home (WFH). Some employees are happy with the WFH option, but some are not comfortable with it. There are pros & cons with the WFH  option for both employees and companies. 

Advantages for Employees: 

The location will not be a barrier. Employees can get a job, even if the office is located in another city. Even in modern times, women are expected to take care of the home and children. With this responsibility,  several women are forced to leave their jobs. The rise in WFH culture is a boon for them. With this more women can join in jobs again. 

Travel time to and from the office will be saved. 

They can spend more time with family. This is beneficial for many especially for parents of young children. 

If they want to get to know their office and colleagues better, they can attend the office at regular intervals like once a week. 

Disadvantages for Employees: 

Teamwork is a bit difficult while working from home. 

Working from home for long periods of time can hamper social and interpersonal skills. Employees have to set up a work environment at home, which will incur extra expenses. Even then, some people may  not focus on work due to the lack of a professional atmosphere 

The line between work and home will be blurred. In general, employees leave work tensions at the office and come home to relax. But this opportunity will be lost and it may cause anxiety. If work and personal life are not balanced well, work will extend to longer hours. This can create WFH burnout. 

Some companies are giving so much work just because their employees are working from home. Continuously staying at home may make some people feel isolated. 

For some people, setting up office space at home may not be an option due to the lack of extra space in the home. 

Some jobs may require employees to be online during work hours and the continuous power supply may not be available to many. 

It can be difficult to establish connections with new colleagues because the opportunity to meet and talk with them during coffee breaks will be lost. 

Advantages for Companies:  

Less expense for office maintenance. 

Can hire talented people, even if they reside in another city. 

Employees may not ask for much leaves. 

Disadvantages for Companies: 

Difficult to monitor work from home employees. 

It’s hard to establish connections among employees 

Training new staff can be tough with all the employees working from home. 

Have to deal with WFH specific challenges like information security and hacking of video calls etc. Conclusion

Even though work from home culture is on the rise due to the COVID-19 situation, work from home opportunities will increase in number to adapt to the changing times. With time, companies and employees will take steps to reduce the disadvantages.

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