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Know All About The ,Last Minute Preparation Tips For AFCAT AFSB Interview

Last Minute Preparation Tips For AFCAT AFSB Interview

In this blog, we will discuss the AFCAT AFSB Process, Important Instructions related to it and Last Minute Preparation Tips to crack it.


AFSB also is known as Air Force Selection Board Interview is a common interview process held for the candidates who have qualified the AFCAT Exam.

AFCAT AFSB is conducted to test the mental and physical capacity of the candidates who will be commissioned in the Indian Air Force if they qualify the SSB interview.

It is a whole 5-day selection process that includes the Screening Round followed up Psychological Tests and Group Tasks.

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The selected candidates are called up for the interview round at one of the five locations of AFSB which includes:-


  1. Dehradun (1 AFSB),
  2. Mysuru (2 AFSB),
  3. Gandhinagar (3 AFSB)
  4. Varanasi (4 AFSB).
  5. Kancharapura (5 AFSB).

They may select any of the five interview centres mentioned as per and date/time slots their preference.

AFCAT AFSB Preparation Tips


  • AFCAT AFSB interviewer will begin with basic questions like what is your educational background and family in order to make you feel comfortable. You should answer all the questions precisely and with full confidence.
  • Saying anything extra beyond the required answer will eradicate chances of getting selected very easily.
  • You need to do exercise daily so that you increase your stamina as physical strength is highly tested in AFSB round. Playing outdoor sports like football, cricket, volleyball etc will surely help you out.
  • You should maintain a habit of reading newspaper/magazine daily so that not only you are updated with the latest news/current affairs but also the latest happenings in the defence sector which includes Indian Air Force.
  • You need to start learning the basic Defence glossary, terminology like ranks, missiles, aircraft etc.
  • Try to solve Non-Verbal/Verbal reasoning part for OIR (Officer Intelligent Rank) you need to practice online Mock Tests.
  • Focus on practising the maximum number of WATs and SRTs so that you can be punctual in completing the test.
  • During the last 10 days to revise all the important events and happenings related to the Indian government, Indian economy, Indian Defence and Indian Air Force.
  • For GTO tests make sure you do not fall, so for that do exercise and take complete rest.
  • In final ten days, you need to practice out all THE OIR Test and PPDT Test practice sheets at least 4 times a day.

Is There Any Ideal Time For AFCAT AFSB Interview?

Generally, there is no fixed time for the preparation of the AFCAT SSB Interview but in the last ten days if you can wake up early and prepare then you can prepare for it while maintaining your regular daily routine of life.

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