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How to Change SSB Interview Date ?

How to Change SSB Interview Date?

The How to Change SSB Interview Date Procedure is divided into two stages: Stage I and Stage II. Only those candidates who pass Stage I are allowed to proceed to Stage II. The entire technique is outlined below:

  • Stage 1: Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) tests and the Picture Perception & Description Test make up Stage 1. The first stage is a screening test. Candidates will be shortlisted based on their overall performance in the OIR Test and the PP&DT.
  • Stage 2: This stage takes four days to complete. Psychology tests, Group Testing Officer Tasks (GTO Tasks), Interviews, and conferences make up Stage II.

Candidates must pass one of the examinations to be considered for the SSB Interview. The exams are as follows:

  • National Defence Academy & Naval Academy Examination (NDA & NA Exam)
  • Combined Defence Services Examination (CDSE)
  • Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT)

For qualifying candidates, an SSB interview will be set, followed by the upper-level tests. For ultimate selection, all qualifying candidates will be required to attend the SSB Interview phase.

The candidates’ final selection will be based on their performance in the examination and the SSB interview. Candidates must report for the SSB rounds on the date specified in their call letter for the interview. SSB aspirants should aim to avoid missing the interview as much as possible as there isn’t an absentee batch set at a later date, Candidates can, however, request a postponement of their scheduled interview date if they are unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances. Please be aware that the Indian Army has stopped offering Absentee Batches for all courses. The candidate must contact the selection center and seek a date change in order to postpone the interview by submitting an Application For Change Of Date Of SSB Interview.

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Change Of Date Of SSB Interview

Change Of Date Of SSB Interview will be permitted only in rare circumstances, and changes in venue will not be permitted. Only the call-up officer/office of the respective SSB, i.e. Bhopal/ Bangalore/ Coimbatore/ Visakhapatnam/ Kolkata, can amend SSB dates. Candidates must submit their request for a change of dates to the designated call-up officer/SSB.

Can I change my SSB interview date?

The selection board will not change the SSB dates under any circumstances, with the exception of Ser. 7, which will be changed only in extreme situations. Despite the fact that all of the other reasons are extremely common and may appear to be legitimate from the perspective of the candidate, it is not actually appropriate or practical for the selection board to continually shift the SSB dates.

  1. Injury, fever, or other medical/health issues.
  2. Whether it’s a train delay or poor weather (especially in the winter season). Candidates must plan beforehand, come early to the SSB center city, and organize their own lodging until the reporting date in such circumstances.
  3. Date of Competitive/Academic Exams (other than SSB) or Date of the interview
  4. Wedding of a sister/brother or other relatives, etc.
  5. Supplementary exams were applied for (held in the Academic year)
  6. Document loss or variations in specifics of your docs
  7. Two SSB interview dates collide

As previously stated, only Ser. 7 will be regarded as an acceptable cause to postpone your SSB interview dates, and only under limited situations. For all of the reasons stated above, candidates must rearrange their schedules and make every effort to attend the SSB interview on time. If you have any additional requests, simply contact the selection board to see if they will postpone your interview’s SSB dates.

Instructions for How to Change SSB Interview Date

In case of an avoidable reason to attend the interview, there can be a Change SSB Interview Date. Although it can be difficult to attend the SSB interview on the scheduled dates, there are a few choices that can assist you to postpone your SSB interview. The majority of the time, you will be given two SSB interview dates: one normal and one absentee or secondary. A secondary date might sometimes help, but if neither date is convenient for you, you can try the following strategy.

  1. Call the designated board: The best thing to do is call the allotted SSB and request that the SSB interview date is preponed or postponed for you; you may or may not get an alternative date.
  1. Mail or fax them: In addition to calling, send them a note explaining why the SSB should be postponed or preponed for you. Fax the same; the phone, e-mail, and fax numbers will be included in the call letter, or you can check the Services Selection Board’s contact information.
  1. Submit an application: In addition to what has already been stated, you can compose and submit an application to them. You can submit an official application to the concerned board’s call-up officer.

Application For Change Of Date Of SSB Interview


Roll No


Father’s Name

Postal Address


Mob No.



The Call Up Officer



Please refer to your Call Up letter with the number SC C/ 730 / /CU dated________.

  1. I am needed to report to your Center for the SSB interview of on, as stated in your Call Up letter. However, I am unable to report for the SSB interview on the above-mentioned date for the following reasons:




  1. In support of the foregoing reasons, the following Certificates/Documents are attached:





  1. May I request that my SSB interview be moved to the absentees batch


  1. Thank You.



Sincerely yours

Dated : (Signature of the candidate)

FAQ SSB Interview Question Tips

Only postpone your SSB if you have a genuine need to do another task. However, it is usually preferable to attend the SSB interview on the scheduled date, i.e. the primary date. Furthermore, attending an SSB interview on any other date has no bearing on your selection or impression.



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