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Best SSB Coaching in Allahabad

Best SSB Interview Coaching In Allahabad

Best SSB Interview Coaching In Allahabad 

Direction and focus are the main two things that are important to crack the Indian Armed Forces exam. Without the right direction and focus no candidate will able to clear any exam of armed forces and Trishul Defence Academy which is the Best SSB Coaching In Allahabad is known for providing the maximum number of selections in the Armed Forces whether its Indian Army, Indian Navy or Indian Air Force through proper direction and guidance provided by the Retd. Wing Cdr. Anoop Mehrotra. The guidance provided by our mentor and the selection ratio of Trishul Defence Academy made it the Best SSB Coaching Near Me.

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Trishul Defence Academy Provides Best SSB Interview Preparation In Allahabad

In the SSB Interview Preparation, candidates have to reach a day prior to the exam date. The candidate has to reside inside the campus of the armed forces. SSB exam is a five-day process where candidates have to go through different tests given by the three officers i.e. Interviewing Officer, GTO Officer, and the Physiological Officer. They test each and every candidate who is present for the SSB exam. Each day candidates have to go through a new type of test such as:


SSB Interview Coaching In Allahabad: SSB also known as  Services Selection Board, is one of the toughest and longest interview ,which scans you thoroughly, Well SSB is not mere a test but a procedure, 5 days procedure where you go through different ways of testing your personality.

The candidates that clear written exams such as NDA,CDS,AFCAT ,TA are  called by respective military boards for SSB Interview. One can also appear for SSB Interview by getting shortlisted for direct entries – TES, TGC, UES,NCC special entry, SSC Tech etc.

Whosoever be a Male or a Female Candidate  wants to become a Commissioned Officer needs to  Face SSB Interview



Day 1 (Screening)

  • Picture Perception & Discussion Test (PP&DT)
  • Officer Intelligence Rating Test (OIR Test)

Day 2 (Psychology Test):

  • Thematic Apperception Test (TAT):

Candidates are shown 12 images (including 1 blank) and then they need to write a story on each for 4 minutes. The time limit is imposed to gauge the natural response of each candidate.

  • Word Association Test (WAT):

Words are displayed in front of the candidates for 15 seconds each and the candidates need to write down a sentence that comes to their mind on seeing the word.

  • Situation Reaction Test (SRT):

A booklet is given to the candidates with 60 real-life situations and the candidates are required to write their reactions to those situations. The total duration for this exercise is 30 minutes.





  • Self Description Test

Candidates need to write few paragraphs covering their self-description for the context given. For instance, writing the opinion of their parents, teachers, friends etc. and the qualities the candidates wish to develop. Time allotted for this test is 15 minutes.


Day 3 (Group Testing – I)

  • Group Discussion:

The group discussion is conducted on two topics back to back on some current events or social issues. The discussion is usually of 20-30 minutes each.

  • Group Planning Exercise (GPE):

Here the candidates are clubbed in the group of 10 – 15 people and are then given a story based on a model having certain issues. Candidates need to identify the issues and provide a practical solution for it.

  • Progressive Group Task (PGT):

Candidates need to overcome the 4 given obstacles collectively in a group for which they are given some helping material and a load with some rules.

  • Group Obstacle Race (GOR):

Commonly referred to as Snake race, each group is required to compete against another group for 6 given obstacles.

  • Half Group Task (HGT):

This exercise is like PGT, but it is conducted with a smaller group over a single obstacle.



Day 4 (Group Testing – II):

  • Lecturette:

Each candidate is presented with 4 topics out of which he needs to choose one and speak on it for a period of 3 minutes.

  • Individual Obstacles (IO):

Each candidate needs to clear 10 given obstacles in a time period of 3 minutes which are marked from 1-10 based on the difficulty level.

  • Command Task (CT):

Each candidate made the commander and is given an obstacle similar to HGT which he/she needs to overcome with the help of his subordinates.

  • Final Group Task (FGT):

The entire group is reunited and required to complete the assigned task similar to PGT in the stipulated time.

  • Personal Interview:

Personal Interviews are generally conducted during Day 2, 3 and 4 after the respective daily tasks have been completed. Interviews are usually related to everyday experiences, work, education, family, hobbies, achievements in academics, general awareness etc.

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Day 5 (Conference):


Day 5 is the last day in which the assessor starts with a closing address, then the conference of candidates starts.

A board conference is conducted where all the officers who assessed the candidates on the previous days are present. Each assessor discusses among themselves with respect to the suitability of a candidate.

Each candidate then appears individually before the board where their total assessment is narrated, and the board makes a recommendation accordingly.

The candidates who are borderline are given certain situations and then a collective decision is taken.





A handful of reasons as to why aspirants should join Trishul Defence Academy for the preparation of SSB Interview Coaching

  • Experienced Team Of Accessors-Trishul Defence Academy was started by Late Wing Commander Anoop Mehrotra who himself was an Ex NDA,Ex GTO with 4 AFSB Varanasi,2 AFSB Mysore and 19SSB  Since 2003 Trishul Defence Academy has given over 570 Officers to Indian Armed Forces.Post his demise on 30 April 2021 due to Covid,Col Pankaj Mehrotra took over who himself was Deputy President with Army Selction Board(Allahabad-) and Army Selection Board(Bhopal).

All SSB Classes are run under guidance of  Col Pankaj Mehrotra



  • Infrastructure: Our campus provides unmatched infrastructure which is spread in lush green, pollution free, competitive environment with the presence of an on-campus hostel and mess.

Our air-conditioned classrooms are well supported by modern audio-visual technological aids and 24/7 electricity.

  • GTO Ground: There is a well maintained and well designed GTO ground at the Trishul Defence Academy.The Ground is designed in such a manner that candidate gets a real time experience of PGT’s,Individual Obstacles and Group Obstacle race


  • Hostel: Trishul Defence Academy is concerned about the accommodation problem of the outstation candidates. Keeping in view this fact we extend lodging and boarding facility to the candidates at reasonable rates. These hostel rooms are well furnished with all basic amenities.SSB Aspirants are given special Dormatory which includes Food as well

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Under the guidance of SSB Master Colonel Pankaj Mehrotra (Ex-NDA, Ex- IO) 11 34 SSB, Allahabad & 21 22 SSB Bhopal, prepare for each and every test of SSB with full expertise.

With the inspiration of Trishul’s founder, Late Wing Commander Anoop Mehrotra Sir, we proudly announce admissions for the SSB interview preparation course for the academic session of 2021-22. Come join us today for the ultimate success in SSB.

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