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AirForce Selection Board and 5 Day Process of AFSB Interview

Air Force Selection Board also known (AFSB) is the selection and regulating body which is directly responsible for the selection of Indian Air Force. AFSB Interview is important for every aspirant candidate who wishes to join in the IAF and become an AF officer. AFSB is the only body which takes interview for the recruitment of officers. Today in this blog we are going to share the detailed information related AFSB, AFSB Interview and 5 Day Process of Air Force SSB.

About AFSB Interview 

In the Written examination process the knowledge, as well as aptitude of a candidate, is examined. After it comes the AFSB interview round where the physiological and physical abilities of the candidates are tested. 

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Under AFSB interview it is basically done through Interview, Group level tasks and Psychological test. Candidates who are giving CDSE (Combined Defence Services Examination) or NDA (National Defence Academy) exam can select Air Force (Flying Branch)as their preference and are eligible for the AFSB interview round. 

The selected candidates are called up for the interview round at one of the four locations of AFSB which includes:-

  •  Dehradun (1 AFSB), 
  • Mysuru (2 AFSB),
  •  Gandhinagar (3 AFSB) 
  •  Varanasi (4 AFSB).
  • Kanchrapara (5 AFSB)

In total AFSB interview is a whole process which takes 5 days.Now in the next section, we will tell you about day by day 5 Day Process of AFSB interview.Know All About tHE AirForce Selection Board and 5 Day Process of AFSB Interview

AFSB Interview – Day 1 Screening Day

On Day 1 which is known as the Screening Day, the process begins with reporting on the railway station in the city where your interview is to take place.Primarily the reporting time is held between 6:45 AM-7:00 AM and the candidates have to report on time anyhow while latecomers are not tolerated.

Screening Day of AFSB Interview is held with the purpose of reducing the workload of the board. As managing costs on candidates are covered by it.  It is noteworthy that boarding and lodging expenses are covered and are free of cost. Candidates coming along with guardian or parents will have to look after their adjustments. 

Boarding and lodging expenses are meant for the concerned candidates and not anyone else coming with them.Called up candidates are taken to the interview centre by bus. Firstly PIQ(Personal Information Questionnaire) forms are required to be filled up. Following up comes the OIR Test (Officers Intelligence Rating Test) where the intelligence and competence of candidate is tested.

After this test PPDT (Picture Perception and Discussion Test) is taken. In this a candidate is given 4 minutes to write a story based on a picture shown and they have to tell in detail what is happening now and what will happen next.

Results of these tests are announced around 3 PM with a maximum delay or in advance of 30 minutes.Selected candidates are allocated rooms whereas non-selected candidates have to go back. 

The document check is done just after it then after it selected candidates are free for the remainder of Day 1. Around 70 % students fail to pass the Screening Day of AFSB interview and only 30 % candidates proceed to next day tests.

AFSB Interview – Day 2

Day 2 includesthe Psychological Test which involves the four separate tests:-

  • Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)-In this test a candidate has to write 12 stories on pictures shown on screen shown one by another. 30 seconds is for viewing while 4 minutes is given for writing.
  • Word Association Test (WAT)- In this test 60 words are given to that candidate and he has 15 seconds for each to write the first thought on it which comes in their mind.
  • Situation Reaction Test (SRT).- A total of 60 unfamiliar, stressful and real life situations are given to which the candidate has to give spontaneous answer. The total time is 60 minutes.
  • Self Description (SD)- In this test a candidate has to give his/ her opinion on family, teachers, friends and himself/herself. They have to answer in three-four lines on each.

Note- Earlier PABT (Pilot Aptitude Battery Test) used to take place along with the Psychological Test.

This test generally begins at 12 pm and after this board takes the psychological tests which conducted for  around 2 hours. It is to be noted that qualifying these 4 tests of the Psychological Tests is important.After appearing in both the tests candidates are free but have to stay in their respective rooms.

AFSB Interview Day 3 & 4

No fixed schedule is there for these 2 days. These two days are dedicated to GTO Tasks and PI (Personal Interview) Group tasks are held under the supervision of the Group Testing Officer (GTO).Time and dates are decided only by the board and candidates should check the schedule on the notice board respectively.GTO tasks have a total of 9 activities. These activities are done in Indoor and Outdoor include- 

GTO Indoor Activities 

  • GD (Group Discussion)
  • Military Planning Excercise.
  • Lecturette


GTO Outdoor Activities 


  • Progressive Group Task
  • Snake Race
  • Half Group Task
  • Individual Obstacles
  • Command Task
  • Final Group Task

The interview round duration is 30 to 60 minutes. In this round, a candidate is required to carry all certificates related to academics and extra-curricular activities. It is highly possible that the candidates will have a full free day after these consecutive three days.

AFSB Interview – Final Day

The final day of AFSB Interview is also called as Conference Day. A conference is a place where all officers are present in Army uniforms. This day is reserved only for result declaration while in some cases in the interview of some candidates may be taken up. It may happen before the conference.

All candidates are called in the conference where their individual result is announced.The selected candidates are to remain for further formalities while non-selected candidates are to depart back to their respective homes.

AFSB Interview- Important Instructions To Know

During this 5 day process of AFSB interview, the candidates need to follow certain instructions.

Medical Test- Candidates are to learn the fact that medical test is not done during these 5-6 days of AFSB interview. 

For Medical Test round specific date is given and the candidate has to appear at Air Force Central Medical Establishment, New Delhi or Institute of Aerospace Medicine, Bengaluru.Final authority power lies with the board to determine your fitness level.

Dress Code & Items To Be Carried 

Candidates must have required stationery items (pen/pencil) and they should carry medium size locks so that their items are safe.Candidates are not allowed to carry electronic devices like laptops or mobile phones in AFSB premises.

They should also not carry valuable items or extra cash as there is no special arrangement for the safe custody of their valuable items.All candidates have to follow strict discipline during this process, alternation of which will lead to their cancellation.

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Candidates have to carry the following dressing items under the Dress Code :

  1. Two pair of White Shirt or T-Shirt.
  2. Trousers or Shorts or Track Suit or Salwar-Kameez (for girls)
  3. Pair of sports shoes with white socks.

So we hope that you find this blog very helpful and informative. Here we discussed every aspect related to AFSB Interview day by day in detail.To connect and follow your dream of passing your desired Defence Exam- NDA, CDS, AFCAT, NAVY SSR/AA etc.

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