10 Personal Life Questions Asked in SSB Interview

10 Personal Life Questions Asked in SSB

SSB interviewers look for a specific kind of behaviour, which is expected from an individual appearing for the interview and wish to become an officer in the Army, Navy or Air Force. They are looking for guys who are full of life, hope and optimism, decency and have a lot of respect for others. Only the finest ones are chosen for the job. Now it’s your turn. 

Here are 10 personal life questions asked in SSB interview. But they can ask anything under the Sun, and sweep you off the floor with their queries. They will pose awkward queries. You need to remain calm. Their purpose is to confuse you. Remain vigilant and do not utter anything in the flow that might lead to your rejection. 

Simply pep up your Intelligence & Emotional Quotient. Learn the art of keeping yourself in good humour even in the most stressful situations. We have compiled a list of frequently asked ten questions based on the input obtained from serving and retired armed forces officers over the years. Here are

10 Personal Life Questions Asked in SSB Interview

  1. What will be your reaction if I run away with your sister?
  2. Do you have a girlfriend? Explain the level of intimacy. If not, why? Are you gay?
  3. Why didn’t you try for SSB after passing 12th by qualifying NDA examination?
  4. How is your relationship with family members? In short, describe your relationship with each member, closer to whom, why closer, whom you admire. 
  5. Do you have any query for me? 
  6. List some of your good and bad habits and efforts you are applying to remove bad habits?
  7. You are rejected! Do you have any other career options? You don’t have the qualities to get selected for defence forces, what will you do now?
  8. If five wishes are granted to you, what would be those? 
  9. What was the toughest decision you ever had to make?
  10. On a scale of one to ten, rate me as an interviewer

Now you have gathered a fair idea by going through the 10 personal life questions asked in SSB interview.  Shy guys usually have it the hardest, who struggle to get attention from SSB interviewer. This should be your first priority, because how can you impress the interviewer, when you are unable to attract their attention? In fact, it is more significant than anything else. But how can you do this? How to attract attention? If you need the ability to grab the attention of interviewers then please read on…Trishul Defence Academy is here to help you do just that. If you are unable to express yourself freely and want to eliminate the barriers which are preventing you from moving forward and overcoming shyness. Then you should bear in mind that there is a great difference between building up hope and strengthening your confidence. Regain confidence by joining Trishul and you will be on the way to success both in career and social life.

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