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Test (English)



Read sentences to find if there any error in it. If there is any error, it will be only in one part of the sentence. The number or alphabet of that part is your answer.

  1. Children are prone(a)/ to making mischief (b)/ if they have nothing to do .(c)/ No error(d)
  2. I gave him(a)/ two hundred rupees notes(b)/ for depositing.(c)/ No error(d)
  3. I don’t think(a)/ it is your house(b)/ it is somebody’s else.(c)/ No error(d)
  4. She misplaced her spectacle (a)/ and is now feeling (b)/ great difficulty in studying.(c)/ No error(d)
  5. I hope to visit(a)/ my uncle only next year (b)/ during summer vacations.(c)/ No error(d)
  6. Mother in her (a)/ did not allow her only son(b)/ to take a risk.(c)/ No error.(d)
  7. Some students were also present (a)/ during farewell ceremony (b)/ of their outgoing principal. (c)/ No error.(d)
  8. Samudragupta is called (a)/ Napoleon of India (b)/ by many people.(c)/ no error.(d)
  9. A nationwide survey has brought up an (a)/ interesting finding (b)/ regarding infant mortality rate in India .(c)/ No error .(d)
  10. He turned (a)/ towards me (b)/ with a cheerful look. (c)/ No error. (d)

In each of the following question, choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word

  1. Loyal

          (a) rebel       (b) courageous  (c) faithful        (d) friendly

  1. Evacuate

          (a) admit      (b)emerge        (c) abandon                 (d) invade

  1. Hindrance

         (a)agreement   (b)cooperation  (c) persuasion          (d)  aid

  1. Adequate

         (a) profuse          (b) abounding           (c)scanty          (d) abundant

  1. Placate

         (a) embroil       (b) antangonize           (c) amuse          (d) pacify

 In each of the following question, choose the word same in meaning to the given word

  1. Eager

         (a)clever        (b) enthusiastic  (c) curious     (d) devoted

  1. Secure

         (a) secret       (b) comfortable  (c) safe    (d) independent

  1. obligatory

         (a) useful        (b) required  (c) stubborn     (d) agreeable

  1. massacre

         (a) stab            (b)slaughter  (c) murder      (d) assassinate

  1. revise

        (a) edit            (b) alter  (c) correct        (d) reconsider

 In the following passage at certain points you are given a choice of three words one of which is most appropriate. Choose the best word out of the four.


In all compositions —–1— is the most —-2—virtue.you should write in a simple and —3—manner. The word chosen should be —–4—- in meaning. Try not to use —5—– words merely because they are literary..

  1. (a) complexity    (b) flourish   (c) simplicity      (d) reserve
  1. (a) hidden            (b) describe   (c) depicted          (d) admired
  1. (a) straightforward      (b) showy    (c) ornate       (d) decorative
  1. (a) haphazard    (b) quick        (c) discriminting     (d) clear
  1. (a) difficult         (b) short          (c) appropriate        (d) small

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