Exam Notification 2024

Test English 4

Read the following passages carefully and answer the questions based on them:


Perhaps the best political epigram of recent years is the saying that this is the country of the common man. The coming of the century can be seen far back in the extension of the suffrage and later in the development of social legislation. For many years all men have been equal before the law, every adult man and woman has the vote. We are slowly creating economic democracy, that is, such a measure of economic freedom that poverty prevents no one from taking his part in public affairs or enjoying the facilities, educational and other which the state provides for all. It might seem that when this is achieved our work is done. In fact, it is only the beginning.

Which one the following is correct?

1. Extension of the suffrage indicates

(a) Spread of suffering

(b) Suffering of the common man

(c) Right of vote for more and more people

(d) Spread of crime in politics

2. What does ‘economic democracy’ stand for?

(a) Equal distribution of wealth

(b) Equal economic opportunity for all

(c) Application of democratic process in economic institutions

(d) Importance of money in political activities


For more than three decades, I achieved great success as a lawyer, till a stroke left my right side totally paralyzed. Despite the doctor’s encouragement, I was consumed by rage and self-pity. I yearned to be active again. But what could a middle-aged cripple like me do? One day, glancing at some paintings I owned, I thought suddenly, “What about painting? In fact, I had always wanted to paint, but had never had the time. Now I had plenty of time. In the last twenty five years, I have completed 300 paintings- one of them appeared on the cover of the Reader’s Digest. The stroke, I realized, has helped me develop a latent talent and enjoy life.

3. Which one of the following is correct statement?

While in the hospital, the author was

(a)  Angry with himself for falling ill

(b)  Relieved at the successful treatment

(c)  Frustrated at his helpless situation

(d) Resentful at being hospitalized

4. Why did the author consider himself a cripple?

(a) He could not go back to work

(b) He could no longer use his right hand

(c) He could not use his time properly

(d) He could not lead an active life

5. Which one of the statements is correct?

The paralytic stroke helped the author

(a) To face challenges in life successfully

(b) To realize his latent talent

(c) To learn a new hobby

(d) To earn more money

Mark the option that has an error. If there is no error, mark (d) as your answer.

6. He has been teaching (a)/ at a boy’s college (b)/ for three years. (c)/ No error. (d)

7. He sold all his furniture’s (a)/ at a very cheap price (b)/ didn’t he?(c)/ No error. (d)

8. His parents want to send him (a)/ to boarding school (b)/ for further education. (c)/ No error. (d)

9. The whale (a)/ is found (b)/ in water.(c)/ No error. (d)

10. His father’s friend’s son (a)/ has become (b)/ a doctor.(c)/ No error. (d)

11. It was so hot day (a)/ that (b)/ we couldn’t go anywhere.(c)/ No error. (d)

12. There are (a)/ many means (b)/ of communication.(c)/ No error.(d)

13. Can you please (a)/ introduce (b)/ before us?(c)/ No error.(d)

14. Which is better (a)/ of these two (b)/ books? (c)/ No error. (d)

15. The poor people are (a)/ the most honest (b)/ in the world.(c)/ No error. (d)

Give the Synonyms of the words asked below.


16. Agile

(a) Dull           (b) Listless                    (c) Moron               (d) Active

17. Blatant

(a) Calm           (b) Worried                (c) Loud                   (d) Serene

Give the Antonyms of the words asked below.

18. Callous

(a) Kind           (b) Crude                    (c) Sordid                    (d) Placid

19. Denounce

(a) Forsake       (b) Commend          (c) Refute                     (d) Accept

Choose the one that is correctly spelt.

20. (a) fourty       (b) sangui          (c) flagitious                    (d) fraudulant

In the following questions, the parts of the passage have been jumbled as P, Q, R and S. Find the proper sequence and mark your answer.

21. In this

P- there can be only two types of enterprises

Q- and those that disappear

R- changing business environment

S- those that change and grow

(a) RPSQ           (b) SQRP           (c) RQSP            (d) SPRQ

22. Mahatma Gandhi

P- within seven days failing which

Q- to stop lawlessness and barbarism

R- gave a notice to the government

S- he would start a civil disobedience movement

(a) RQPS              (b) SPQR          (c) RPQS              (d) SQPR

23. Spirituality

P- for materials and

Q- can also help

R- resources in check

S- in keeping our greed

(a) RSPQ              (b) QPSR           (c) RPSQ             (d) QSPR

24. Non-resident Indians,

P- and roads in their native villages in Andhra Pradesh

Q- are spending crores of rupees

R- who feel duty-bound to give back to their hometowns

S- on improving education and health facilities

(a) PSQR              (b) RQSP           (c) PQSR              (d) RSQP

25. Diabetes is a silent killer

P- is very often overlooked

Q- as potent as cancer or AIDS

R- without too much heed by patients

S- and because it does not seem

(a)SQPR           (b) PRSQ               (c) SPQR          (d) PSRQ





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21 22 23 24




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