Exam Notification 2024

Englist Test 2 for NDA

Direction: Following sentences have been divided into (a), (b), (c) and (d). There is an error in any part of the sentence. Find the error and mark the part as your answer. If there is no error, mark part (d) as your answer.

  1. They had never come across (a)/ such stupid idea (b)/ as they had to. (c)/ No error. (d)
  2. It was a really (a)/ brilliant speech, (b)/ wasn’t it? (c)/ No error. (d)
  3. One must apologize (a)/ for his mistake (b)/ if it has caused someone a problem. (c)/ No error. (d)
  4. You can meet the manager only (a)/ between (b)/ Monday to Friday. (c)/ No error. (d)
  5. I knew very well (a)/ that he will not help us (b)/ at any cost. (c)/ No error. (d)

Directions: Choose the Most Opposite word to the word given in question.

       6. Callous

       (a) Capricious           (b) extravagant            (c) kind           (d) thrift

     7. Equivocal

       (a) Universal               (b) clear                  (c) mistaken        (d) quaint

        8. Acquit

        (a) Animate                (b) procure         (c) prosecute           (d) seclude

       9. Erratic

        (a) Abnormal            (b) inconsistent       (c) steady             (d) affluent

         10. Dormant

        (a) Impressive           (b) efficacious         (c) active               (d) slothful


Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:         


Attracted by the serenity of the evening, a friend and I lately went to one of the public walks near the city. Here we sauntered together for some time. Then my friend, stopping suddenly, caught me by the elbow, and led my out of the public walk. I could perceive by the quickness of his pace, and by his frequently looking behind, that he was attempting to avoid somebody who followed. We now turned to the right, and then to the left, but in vain. The person, whom he attempted to escape, gained upon us each moment. So at last we finally stood still, resolving to face what we could not avoid.

11.The author’s friend took him away from the public walk, as:

(a) The public place was dirty, crowded and noisy

(b) It was impossible to meet their friend

(c) He wanted to avoid a person following them

(d) The public was looking strangely at them

12. The author concludes from his friend’s quick pace and his frequent looking back:

(a)  That he was running out of time

(b) That he was worried about reaching home early

(c) That he wanted to escape from a person following him

(d) That he was troubled inwardly

13. His friend caught the author by the elbow:

(a) To check the author from falling down

(b) As the author was not able to walk on his own

(c) As he was panicked at the sudden appearance of a person he didn’t like

(d) As he had stepped on a slippery thing

Give the Synonyms of the words given in bold:

14. He was intimidated by his boss for his carelessness.

(a) Praised            (b) rebuked                (c) criticised              (d) overwhelmed

15. He made an abortive effort to defame his rivals.

(a) Successful        (b) fruitful                  (c) unnecessary         (d) fruitless

16. After the accident, the students went berserk.

(a) Frenzied             (b) wild                        (c) police station         (d) protesting

17. His equivocal statement is beyond understanding.

(a) Critical                (b) ambiguous            (c) thrilling                    (d) frank

Find the proper sequence and mark your answer:

18. For having stood first (P) last year (Q) at the B.A. examination (R) he was awarded gold medal (S)

(a) PQRS                    (b) SPRQ                      (c) PRQS                 (d) SRQP

19. My little sister in school (P) instead of reading books (Q) who was quite intelligent (R) played with dolls (S)

(a) PRSQ                        (b) RSPQ                   (c) QPSR                  (d)PRQS

20. We are proud that as our chief guest (P) our Mayor (Q) is a former student of this college(R) who is presiding  over today’s function (S)

(a) PQRS                          (b) QPSR                (c) PQSR                 (d)QSPR



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