Exam Notification 2024


Test 1


Read the passage and answer the questions:-


Have you heard the story of ‘Actman’? From childhood, Actman was acting but never acted. he would be seen doing something but never studied. whenever his father gave him work, he would act as if he did but never did . one day. he was suffering from an illness which even expert doctors could notb diagnoses . They said he seemed to have some disease but were not sure what it was. They could not cure him, Actman thought about it. he found that his body was traied by himself to’act’ functioning but not to function really. so the digestive system failed because it was trained by him to ‘act’ digest, but not digest. He found the medicine he needed. He stopped ‘acting’ and started working. Micro actions brought peace to him and to other also. this holistic action brought him new energy that cured him. this is a course that helps you to start a’ youth forum for micro peace action’ in your school and build a peaceful environment. Gandhi was a man of action he was always busy doing something for the welfare of all

  1. From the passage it can be said

(a) every man is  actman

(b) Gandhiji was actman

(c) Gandhiji was not an actman

(d) actman is someone who is a pretender

  1. As per the passage ——- can be cure for all disease.

(a) philanthrophy     (b) youth forum

(c) micro actions      (d) acting

In each of the following questions a sentence is divided into 4 parts one of which has error you have to find out error if any

  1. Not all medicine (a)/is sweet(b)/ not all surgery is painless(c)/ but we have to be taking it.(d)
  2. Before he started out (a)/ he had collected (b)/ all the information about the country (c)/ better than anything else.(d)

In the following items , some of sentences of a passage have been jumbled up . You are require to rearrange the following

A. If we want to make our democracy stable there should be some checks upon the people in power

B. We do not have a healthy opposition and this gap can be covered only by a free and bold press

C. In India, democracy is still passing through its infantile stage suffering from a lot of ups and downs

D. The leaders generally become very ambitious and so they try to gain as much power as it possible

(a) CABD        (b)CADB        (c) DACB        (d) DBCA

Find the word most dissimilar to the word in the sentence

  1. A few heavenly talents DARKEN the world in each generation

(a) Brighten             (b) Please

(c) Enlighten            (d)Glamorise

  1. An ICY reception greeted the arrivals.

(a) Hostile               (b)Warm

(c) Pleasing              (d) Strange

Find the word most similar to the word in the sentence

  1. EXAGGERATION of facts would always lead to confusion.

(a) Simplification      (b) negation

(c) Emancipation      (d)Amplification

  1. His information is not

(a)  Recessed           (b) Reliable

(c) Believable           (d) Genuine

What do you mean by Idioms& Phrases

To show’s one’s teeth

(a) To ridicule

(b) to face difficulties

(c) to adopt a threatening attitude

(d) to be humble


  1. If 11109999 is divided by 1111, then what is the remainder?

(a) 1098                  (b)11888

(c) 1010                   (d) 1110

  1. If A’s income in 25% more than B’s and B’s income is 20% more than c’s, by what percentage is A’s income more than c’s?

(a) 15%                   (b) 25%

(c)33                  (d) 50%

  1. The cost of levelling a rectangular ground at Rs. 1.25 per sq. M is Rs. 900. If the length of the ground is 30 m then the width is

(a) 330m                 (b) 34m

(c) 24m                   (d)18m

  1. If the angle of a triangle are in the ratio of 2:3:4 then the greatest angle of the triangle is

(a) 75     degree                 (b) 80degree

(c) 90    degree                  (d) 120 degree

  1. A train leaves Amritsar at 6 am and reaches Delhi at 12 noon . Another train leaves Delhi at 8 am and reaches Amritsar at 5 pm At what time do the two trains cross each other?

(a) 10:00 am            (b)10: 12 am

(c) 10: 20 am           (d) 10: 24 am

  1. The radius of girth of garden roller is 21m . How many revolutions does it make in moving a distanced of 66m?

(a) 50                      (b) 22

(c) 147                    (d)7

  1. Is sin +cos =1, then what is the value of sin cos ?

(a) 2                        (b)0

(c)1                         (d) ½

  1. If the mean of 5 observations x, x+2, x +4, x+6, x+8 is 11, then the mean of first three observation is

(a) 9                        (b) 11

(c) 13                      (d) none of these

  1. The highest score in an innings was two ninths of the total score and the next highest was two ninths of the remainder. These score differ by 8 runs what was the total score in the innings?

(a) 152                    (b) 162

(c) 142                    (d) 132

  1. Pooja start her job with certain monthly income and gets a fixed increment every year. If her salary was Rs. 4200 after 3 yr and 6800 after 8 yr of services , then what are her initial salary and the annual increment respectively?

(a) Rs. 2640, rs. 320  (b) Rs 2460, Rs 320

(c) rs. 2460, rs 520   (d)Rs.2640, rs. 520


  1. ‘Madhubani is a style of paintings is popular in which of the following states in India ?

(a)  Bihar                 (b) Madhya Pradesh

(c) West Bengal        (d) Rajasthan

  1. The per capita income in India was Rs. 20 in 1867-68 was ascertained for the first time by

(a) MG Ranade        (b) Sir W Hunter

(c) RC Dutta             (d) Dadabhai Naoroji

  1. In the Union Government, under whose charge is the Cabinet secretariat?

(a)  The Minister of Parliamentary Affairs

(b) the president of India

(c) The Prime Minister of India

(d) The Union Home Minister

  1. As per Constitution of India , what is the limit prescribed for the number of members in the  Legislative Assembly of a State

(a)350 members      (b) 400 members

(c) 450 members      (d) 500 members

  1. The terra- cotta plough of the Harappan civilization was found at

(a) Mohenjodaro     (b) Bonawali

(c) kaliban               (d) Lothal

  1. RRB designed to work in which of the following ideals?

(a) work on basics of commercial banks

(b) help the targeted group

(c) keep lending rates lower than cooperative institutions

(d) work on innovative and adaptive ideals

  1. The headquarters of WTO is in

(a)  Montreal           (b) Seattle

(c) Geneva               (d) The hague

  1. Which of the popular district of Haryana has been recently named as Gurugram?

(a)  Kalka                (b) Ambala

(c) Gurgaon             (d) Panipat

  1. The Air service agreement has been signed amongst which of the following parties

(a)  India and lao     (b) Malaysia and USA

(c) India and USA     (d) USA and Lao

  1. Match the following

List 1                                   List2

Iron Ore                              Arkansas

Copper                               Cuba

Aluminium                           Kazakhstan

Nikel                                   Krivay Rog

A    B          C          D

(a) 1         2             4          3

(b) 1         3             4          2

(c) 4         2             1          3

(d) 4         3             1          2


  1. The drug which is given during hypertension is

(a) streptomycin       (b) chloroxylenol

(c) equanil               (d) aspirin

  1. Camel’s hump conservs water for a longer time because it is composed of

(a)  muscular tissue

(b) skeleton tissue

(c) areolar tissue

(d) adipose tissue

  1. The unit of coefficient viscocity is

(a)pascal                 (b) newtons/ metre2

(c) knot                   (d) poise

  1. A bird is in a wire cage which is hanging from a spring balance. First the bird sits in the cage , secondly the bird flies about inside the cage.
  • The reading of the balance will remain the

Same in both cases

  • The reading of the balance will be greater in first case than in the second case
  • The reading in the first case will be less only if the bird flies down
  • The reading of the balance will be less in the first case than in the second case
  1. In a pressure cooker , cooking is faster because the increase in vapour pressure

(a) increases the specific heat

(b) decreases the specific heat

(c) decreases the boiling point

(d) increases the boiling point

  1. A jet engine works on the principle of conservation of

(a) linear momentum

(b) angular momentum

(c) energy

(d) mass

  1. Natural rubber is a polymer of

(a) neoprene           (b) alloprene

(c) duprene             (d) none of these

  1. Etanol reacts with potassium dichromate to give

(a) citric acid            (b)folic acid

(c) acetic acid          (d) formic acid

  1. The organ of the human body directly affected by the disease of hepatitis is

(a) liver                   (b) lungs

(c) heart                  (d) brain

  1. which organelle in a cell is the powerhouse of cell

(a) Mitochondria


(c)Endoplasmic reticulum

(d) Golgi apparatus

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