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Powerful Tips To Crack NDA-II 2018

Powerful Tips To Crack NDA-II 2018

Less than 1% of the people who apply for NDA clear their written exam. This fact is enough to shake the confidence of aspirants preparing. By any means, it is not easy at all, so be prepared to endure the hardship of life before starting your quest to crack NDA II 2018 written exam.


There is a minor difference between hard work and smart work, hard work with a proper direction is smart work. So, be smart and put your efforts in right direction. The following blog will guide on how to practice for NDA II 2018 Written Exam.

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# Put marks on rock


It’s a miracle that how constant friction by a rope can leave significant marks on something like rock. Same law applies in real life; if you are consistence with something then it is destined to give output. Therefore, even if you are not very good in studies, studying on daily basis will absolutely rip results for you.


If you are not already in habit of daily study, then you better develop it as soon as possible. And if you don’t feel like doing it, then ask yourself “do i really want to go in NDA?” if you still feel the same way, then may be deep down you know it is not meant for you. Make a fixed timing to study at home daily; it will set a biological clock once you are habitual to it. At first it will be very difficult, but after developing the habit it will automatically set the mood to study without struggling every day.


# Time management

For students in modern era, art of time management is very crucial. Giving most of the time to school, tuition and coaching, leaves them with almost no time for self study. But it is life, and you need to carve some time out from this busy schedule.

Learning how to manage time will give you an extra hour in the day.


  • Less time to non-essentials : Reduce the amount of time that you spend on things that

are not so essential.

  • Plan the day out : Smart people always plan their day ahead, having to do list for the day keeps us on track and motivate to do better. Write down the tasks and targets for next day before going to sleep, and do your best to cover all of them the next day.


# Challenge Yourself


Conquering challenges is the finest way to learn from life, the best of a person comes out when life throws rough challenges. Likewise, introducing new challenges while studying will help you improve your learning capabilities, and make you a pro. Don’t just be limited to ordinary problems; extra ordinary problems will make you extra ordinary. If you are weak in any subject, then challenge yourself to master it, formulate different strategies, and make plans and most of all put whole hearted efforts.


# Learn To Avoid

World is full of amusements, and distractions (have got better these days with smart phones) and one who cannot avoid these distraction will never be able to achieve anything great. Addiction often comes as the biggest hurdle in achieving success. Therefore, it’s necessary to learn avoiding things. Learn to avoid Smartphone, party invitations, TV or any other distraction while studying.


# Develop The Brain


Brain development means opening mind for unexpected and unseen challenges and problems. And it is not developed just by reading books; there are various other ways by which one can flourish brain, like meditation, playing brain games etc. Meditation can be a very powerful tool, and it is scientifically proven that it helps greatly in focusing mind. As for the brain games, chess, Sudoku etc. are some fantastic brain candies. So, next time when you have free time, invest it in meditation and playing brain games.


# School Exams Will Help


How would you know if your preparations are up to the mark? Simple, if you find school exams easy to solve, then you are progressing in the right direction. But, if you still find them difficult, then maybe you are lagging behind and need to put more efforts in your preparation. But, in some exceptional cases, school exams are as difficult as NDA written exam, in such case, students should not lose their confidence.


# Don’t Be Limited


Never be limited to just one book, explore the questions from different books. Though, it is recommended that aspirants ought to first complete the NCERT books by CBSE, and then proceed to other books. For all subjects students can opt for TDA Publications Books specially made for Defence Examinations.


# Mindful Relaxation


Mindful relaxation is enjoying the free time; it means living in the moment. If you feel tired mentally to go back to studies after giving yourself a break, then it means that you did not had a mindful break. The best way to enjoy the break time is engaging in some physical activity, be it outdoor games or other house hold chore, it will release the stress caused by long study hours.


# Practice previous year papers

Unlike your school exams, the written exam of NDA does not change much. Over the years few changes have been made in the paper pattern. In some cases even the language of the question remains same, just the values changes.

Solving NDA previous year papers or sample paper is like looking back in time to see what

kind of questions are asked in the exam. It is highly recommended that after completing the syllabus, aspirants should go through the last 10 years papers or sample papers at least once. Trishul defence academy provides NDA sample papers made by their 14 years old expert faculty, so you can go for it too.


# Rewind the week, and take a dry run

Human tends to forget things very quickly, therefore it becomes necessary to remain in touch with what we learn.  Assign at least one day in a week for revision. Making short points while practicing will help at the time of revision.

And at the end of the week take a dry run or test yourself, undeniably this is the best practice to

make yourself strong.

Conclusion : So basically its upon you and and your preparation that how well you do your exam & for a proper guidance and preparation Trishul Defence Academy, the best coaching for NDA  is the finest option to go for.



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