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NDA 2 2020

NDA 2 2020 Maths Preparation Tips – Paper 1

The NDA 2 2020 Exam is going to be held on 6th Sept 2020 along with NDA 1 Exam. Keeping this in mind, we at Trishul Defence Academy have composed some crucial but effective tips for aspirants to make them score well in NDA 2 2020 Maths Paper 1: 300 Marks

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  1. Understand the subject of Mathematics well and keep in mind the time:

In NDA 2 2020 Exam, there are a total of 120 questions in Mathematics, which contains 2.5 marks each. Hence, there are 300 marks paper in the total mathematics section. The biggest mistake that candidates make is to solve all 120 questions to pass the exam. However, here we would like to tell you to refrain from doing so. Unless you are sure of all the answers, everyone will be tempted because 0.83 marks will be deducted for every wrong answer.

During this time you also have to keep in mind the lack of time as you have only 2:30 hours in the exam. So try to solve every question in less than 1.5 minutes. If it takes more time to solve any question, leave it and go to the next question. In this way, you will be able to complete the paper on time.

  1. Make a study schedule:

NDA 2 2020 Exam has many sections in Mathematics subjects like Probability, Trigonometry, Sequence Series, etc. Everyone has their command in different sections. Therefore, I would recommend you to make a list of all subjects. Then you should prepare well to improve those subjects. Simultaneously, also mark how many commands you have on which topic.

If the basic information on the subject is clear, you will not have to face much trouble. Also, first, emphasize the questions that you can solve, then move towards the difficult questions. Start by solving class 11th and 12th NCERT maths books and go for other books only when needed.

Go to TDA publication and choose the most preferred book you want to clear NDA. Trishul Defence Academy books are extremely accurate and have helped many aspirants over the years.

  1. Solve previous year’s paper:

Solving previous years’ paper helps a lot. During this, keep two things in mind-

Types of questions:

It is very important to prepare for the exam in the right direction. By solving previous year questions, your speed will increase, and at the same time, you will get to know about the NDA 2 2020 Exam pattern and the difficulty level of the questions asked in the exam.

Level of questions:

While solving the previous year’s paper, it is also important to keep in mind its difficulties. At such a time, your personality and health also play a major role in it. By solving the previous year’s NDA papers, you will get to know what kind of questions you get.

  1. Prepare Mind Map:

As discussed above, time management has to be taken special care of for the NDA examination. In the same way, keep in mind that the time you spend on any given topic should not go to waste. Mathematics is a subject based on a formula. There is no effect of any kind of possibilities here. Therefore it is very important to remember the formula. Memorizing the formula also improves the speed of solving your questions. Doing this during the exam can have an impact on all the questions. Admittedly, after solving a difficult problem, there is a lot of joy, but doing so during the examination can cause many problems.

If you have any problems solving or understanding any topic, contact us, and we’ll patch you straight to our experts. You can also enroll yourself in our NDA 1 year/ 6 Months Program to complete your preparation.

  1. Mock Test:

Just like NDA 2 2020 Maths, The NDA exam has a habit of repeating the same question many times. Therefore, by continuously practicing, we soon get command on all kinds of questions, so that there is not much difficulty in solving them. So he kept doing mock tests to check himself. Many times it happens that while solving questions, its steps get scrapped. This saves time.

Try to remember basic calculations like multiplication tables of numbers, squares, square root, cube. This will also help in saving your time.

Also, you need to pay attention to the quality of the questions. Follow the rules while solving mock tests to develop it as a habit so that you do not face any challenge on the day of the exam.

  1. Choose the questions correctly during the final examination:

Often, most of the students’ time is spent thinking about which type of questions to choose first. Do not answer all the questions because if they go wrong, you will lose any of the big marks.

But how to decide which question to reject? If you have omitted some subjects during the NDA 2 2020 Maths Exam preparation, do not attempt questions related to those subjects during the final NDA exam. It is a human tendency that we try to solve the question either by looking at the answers or by looking around. Avoid it! Try only those questions that you are sure to answer.

Also, avoid bouncer questions that most applicants do, even if they cannot reach a solution or get stuck while solving a question for about 1-2 minutes.

Give an Online Test before the actual exam to remove every single doubt about your preparation. Choose Trishul Defence Academy‘s most preferred plans and find the best material, among others.

  1. Other important topics:

Maths subject is very special in the NDA 2 2020 Exam. It is important to have a good knowledge of all the topics. Like for trigonometry, you need to memorize the formulas of triangles, inverse functions, etc. Basic knowledge of probability in mathematics should be well understood. Even if one step is wrong in mathematics, all the hard work can be wasted.

If you prepare for the NDA 2 2020 Maths Exam from this point of view, it will help you get good marks. The math section of the NDA exam should not be considered difficult. With practice, you can make it simple. Do not be afraid of failure, but start preparing for the NDA exam with full dedication and concentration.

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