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NDA examination is conducted by UPSC, like other UPSC exams NDA too has a vast syllabus. NDA covers almost every subject that a student studies from primary classes to senior secondary. So, the syllabus without a doubt becomes a mountain cliff to reach. Each subject needs a different approach and strategy of studying. Knowing how one can study a particular subject efficiently can save their precious time and efforts.

 Aryabhatta once said “Maths is an ocean, and my knowledge is just a drop, and I have to practice and practice”. When someone like Aryabhatta needed to practice Maths daily, then it simply means that anyone who want to learn Maths need to practice it on a daily basis.

In this blog we are going to tell you the tips & tricks that you can adapt to clear your NDA Examination


What is 6 multiplied by 7? Even a kid can answer this, but imagine how you would you perform the complex calculations if you were never taught multiplication. We can assume this for the other topics as well, if your basics for a particular topic are not clear, then you will never be able to solve its high end problems.

Before going to advance topics, it’s recommended that first you go through CBSE class 9th and 10th books at least once, to make sure that your basics are clear.

Teachers have years of experience, and they know what kind of questions are important as Trishul Defence Academy has a faculty with 14 years experience. So, mark each and every question that is important according to them.

Practicing what you have learned in class should be the first priority when you sit to study at home. Try to keep up with the syllabus that is going on in the class.


 Formulas are the soul of Maths, applying the correct formula can solve even the most difficult problem in least time. Before beginning with a topic, the first step is to write down all the formulas related to it. To make it easier try TDA Publications Books in which you’ll get the same pattern. Next step should be to understand them, and finally, just get those formulas rooted in your brain. Solving questions will become a lot easier if you have formulas on finger tips.


 Lot of time can be saved if your mental calculation is good. To improve mental calculation, first avoid using any kind of calculator. It may look convenient, but they are just making your brain slow, as a result when at the mean time, you will end up wasting way lot of time in calculation and hence, attending less questions.

While practicing, try to solve as much calculation as possible in mind. Even doing calculation in paper is also kind of a bad habit. There is a famous saying “the more you’ll bleed in training, the better you’ll be on field” same goes for Maths practice.


The questions of NDA written exam is mostly CBSE based, so it’s advisable that aspirants should begin their preparations from NCERT or at least go through it’s syllabus once. Along with the regular exercises, one must try to practice questions given in example and miscellaneous exercises. Often students leave those questions considering them unimportant. For more NDA question you can go for TDA publications “NDA Maths Book” the best book for NDA maths.


One most important thing in maths is short tricks for calculations. The fact that the time limit is too tight to make long calculations, short tricks proves to be very helpful in written exam. But mastering short trick is not easy; one need to be in constant practice, only then you can use them efficiently in your calculations. For that you can join NDA best coaching i.e. Trishul Defence Academy in which you’ll be given the short tricks to solve maths questions by the best & experienced Teachers.


 If you are not good in calculus then pay more attention to vector algebra, trigonometry, determinants etc. Unlike the weightage given to calculus in schools, in NDA written exam it is not given that high value. Don’t be stuck with integration and differentiation if you can’t cope up with it.

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