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Biology is a sub-section of GAT paper in NDA examination. Biology contains almost ten to twelve questions in the examination. Since, NDA candidates are mostly from PCM stream and Biology is a new kind of subject for them. It became important for them to practice it as much as possible. Well the good thing is, NDA examination syllabus of Biology doesn’t go into the deep of this subject; a student can prepare well for Biology from NCERT 10th class book only. Even though the syllabus is easy to handle for an NDA aspirant then also it is very important to keep a regular touch on it and practice it more and more.

Here we are providing some important questions for Biology based on previous year NDA examination paper.

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  1. Melanin is the natural pigment that gives colour to human skin, hair and the iris. It provides protection against:

a) Ultraviolet radiation
b) Infrared radiation
c)  X-ray radiation
d)  Short wave radio radiation

Answer : (a)
  1. The term ‘ Probiotic’ is applied:

a) Organic food
b) Antacid
c)  Antibiotic
d) Live microbial food supplement

Answer : (d)
  1. Which one of the following vitamins is synthesized in our own skin ?

a)  Vitamin A
b)  Vitamin B
c)   Vitamin C
d)  Vitamin D

Answer : (d)

4.  Formation of thrombus in heart can lead to

a)  heart burning
b)  heart attack
c)  heart blockage
d)  heart failure

Answer : (b)

5.  Hormone production is a function related to

a) Hypothalamus
b) pons
c) hippocampus
d) medulla

Answer : (a)
  1. Which one of the following disease is not caused by virus ?

a) Chicken pox
b)   Measles
c)   Poliomyelitis
d)   Tetanus

Answer : (d)

7.  Which of the following are the possible blood groups of the parents with blood group O and AB?

a) O, A, B and AB
b) A and B
c)   A, B and AB
d)   O and AB

Answer : (b)

8.  Biological catalysts in living organisms is known as ?

a) Hormones
b) Vitamins
c)   Steroids
d)  Enzymes

Answer : (d)

9.  Which among the following is the hardest part of our body ?

a) Skull bones of head
b) Thumb nails
c)   Enamel of teeth
d)   Spinal vertebra

Answer : (c)

10.  What is ‘breakbone fever’ most commonly known as ?

a) Typhoid
b) Rhinitis
c)   Yellow fever
d)   Dengue

Answer : (d)
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