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Qualities Looked in MNS Interview

What Qualities are looked in MNS Interview?

Qualities Looked in MNS Interview : There are no such things as MNS Interview tricks or tips. To pass the MNS exam in the first attempt, all that is required is hard effort and a focused attitude. The MNS exam is of moderate difficulty, but the rivalry is fierce; as a result, candidates who seek to get admission to one of the Armed Forces Medical Colleges must prepare more thoroughly than others. 

The MNS Interview is a panel interview in which around five senior officers choose the top Military Nurses. The interview is crucial because, after passing the MNS written test, the panel interviews three to four candidates for each BSc Nursing seat. As a result, at the interview, the competition is fierce. The following qualities are looked in MNS Interview:


  • Having the fundamental moral ethics and abilities 

  • Candidate self-introduction in a formal manner 

  • Prepare for cross-questioning during your self-introduction. 

  • A thorough understanding of the armed forces 

  • Communication and interpersonal skills that work 

  • Keeping correct eye contact and body language is essential. 

  • Correct comprehension of the questions 

  • To transform thoughts into correct replies, you’ll need to have good interpretation skills.

The MNS written test is at a moderate difficulty level, with questions ranging from General English to Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and General Intelligence. Reading comprehension, familiarity with keywords and vocabulary, understanding of synonyms and antonyms, and other topics are included in the general English section of the syllabus. The MNS syllabus has similar spaces for scoring appropriate marks in General Intelligence and General Science. For achieving excellence in General Science, a basic understanding of the Class XII syllabus and acquaintance with some advanced concepts covered in the MNS syllabus is sufficient. Similarly, General Intelligence assesses the candidates’ general and mental awareness. It focuses mostly on problem-solving and reasoning techniques. 


  • Knowledge of the MNS Syllabus 2021 is required. 

  • Understanding the MNS Exam Pattern as well as the Selection Process 

  • Keeping a proper schedule for consistent learning 

  • Analyzing capacities in order to improve performance 

  • Practice and mock tests should be done on a regular basis. 

  • On a daily basis, review of important ideas 

  • Maintaining good health and mental acuity

During the interview process, one of the most important criteria to evaluate is the candidates’ attitude, intelligence, and inner abilities.The MNS Interview is difficult since it is used to assess candidates’ suitability based on intelligence, observation, and personality characteristics. As a result, in order to do well during the interview, a student must concentrate on improving the various parts of the interview process.


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