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MNS SALARY : Indian Army BSc Nursing entrance test – MNS is administered just once a year. MNS is a four-year programme in which the selected candidate is admitted to one of six institutions with a total of 220 seats. Because only female applicants are qualified to apply for the Indian Army BSc Nursing programme, MNS (Military Nursing Service) is one of the greatest avenues for female candidates to engage with the Indian Army. Female applicants have a similar lifestyle as officers while on the job. In this blog, we will talk about the remuneration of a military nurse in India, the MNS allowance during training, the highest rank in the MNS, and so forth.


MNS Stipend During Training

Female students who pass the Indian Army BSc Nursing Exam and interview will be admitted to the four-year Army BSc Nursing programme. Following their selection, they will go through a training phase. They will be in charge of the Military hospitals throughout this time period. Female applicants will get the MNS allowance while undergoing training. As their pocket expenditures, the MNS pay during training is INR 8000.

MNS Salary

The MNS BSc Nursing Salary is quite lucrative, and all hopefuls consider it before enrolling for the Indian Army BSc Nursing Exam. The Indian Government’s Military Nursing Service is a steady and career-promising employment with a decent MNS BSc Nursing Salary. As a result, thousands of people seek for this position in the Indian Army.The MNS BSc Nursing Remuneration will be paid once the applicant has completed the training term and has been assigned the rank of lieutenant.  A Military Nurse’s monthly wage in India ranges from 10,000 to 15,000 rupees. In India, the highest wage for a Military Nurse is from 15,000 to 22,000 rupees.

Incentives and other perks are added to the original compensation of a Military Nurse in India, such as Dearness Allowance (DA) charges, which will be supplied differently on top of the combined MNS BSc Nursing remuneration, which comprises basic pay, grade pay, and Military Service pay. The MNS BSc Nursing wage will include Dearness Allowance (DA), which currently stands at 17 percent for central government employees. As a result, a Military Nurse’s salary in India comprises a base wage of Rs. 15,600/-.


  • A Military Nurse’s salary in India includes a Grade Pay of 5,400/-.
  • A Military Nurse’s salary in India includes a military service pay of 4,200/-.
  • A Military Nurse’s salary in India includes DA pay.


The salary of a Military Nurse in India will be awarded in accordance with the 7th pay commission to applicants who have obtained higher than the Indian Army BSc Nursing Cut Off marks in all stages of the selection procedure and have been appointed to the position of Indian Army BSc Nursing.


MNS Salary Structure

The bellow table will show the detailed salary information for MNS BSc Nursing:


Conducting Body DGMS (Directorate General of Military Service)
Name of the Post Military Nursing Service
The MNS Salary During Training 8000 Rs
Basic Pay of the MNS BSc Nursing Salary 15,600 Rs
Grade Pay of the MNS BSc Nursing Salary 5,400 Rs
Military Service 4,200 Rs
Dearness Allowance Will be given according to the current DA for central government employees stand at 17%
The Minimum Salary of a Military Nurse in India 10,000 to 15, 000 Rs
The Maximum Salary of a Military Nurse in India 15,000 to 22,000 Rs
Starting in hand MNS BSc Nursing Salary along with a raise as well as basic allowances after post-commission 25,200 Rs


Other Benefits Aside from MNS Remuneration Per Month:

Aside from the MNS compensation each month, the selected applicants receive a slew of extra perks. These advantages include:

  • Candidates will get Paid leave in addition to their MNS BSc Nursing remuneration.
  • They will get Medical Care benefits in addition to the MNS BSc Nursing wage.
  • Aspirants will get TDB and PDB in addition to the MNS BSc Nursing pay.
  • After retirement, the candidates will receive the Pension Benefit.
  • They have the option of doing the night shift.


Career Growth and Promotion in MNS

Following training, the nurses are promoted to the position of Lieutenant, with a beginning MNS Salary Per Month of around 56000/- in hand and perks, etc. Following the first promotion, they will be posted as Captain, with a starting MNS Salary Per Month of around 61,100/- in hand and reimbursements, etc.  The captains are elevated to the rank of Major, with a beginning monthly MNS salary of roughly 69,400/- in hand plus allowances.  Then, when you go from Major to the subsequent promotions, you will be required to take written tests.  Candidates will be elevated from Major to Lieutenant Colonel, with a beginning MNS Salary Per Month of roughly 1,21,200/- and A grade perks.

The following promotion will be to Colonel, with a beginning MNS Salary Per Month of approximately 130,600/- with A grade allowance, followed by Brigadier, with an initial MNS Salary Per Month of around 1,39,600/- with A grade allowance.The highest rank in the MNS is Major General, whose beginning MNS Salary Per Month is roughly 1,44,200/- with A grade stipend.Travel Allowance, Military Service Pay, Ration, Dearness Allowance, Free Lodging, and other benefits would be available to MNS applicants.


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