Anoop Mehrotra Memorial SSB

Wing Cmdr. Anoop Mehrotra Memorial SSB Tips Series – Blog #1

“Exploration is the process of finding success, it’s a daily way out to become the achiever amongst the aspirants”


Anoop Mehrotra Memorial SSB Tips Series : Late Wing Cmdr. Anoop Mehrotra was popularly known as SSB Guru in the Defence Education stream. He was the one who converted the aspirants into achievers. He was the one who defined the way a normal student looked at attempting Defence Entrance Exams. In 2021, in the midst of the corona crisis, he left us after suffering to coronavirus disease. He might not be not with us today but his legacy and spirit will continue to be with us as the guiding source of light as he is still with us.

In his honour and continuing his promise of SSB guidance we are starting a special blog series where defence aspirants will be able to learn about the art of cracking SSB. The first blog covers the aspect of Exploring. It is not just an exam tip but also a life helping trick where you can surely succeed not just in clearing the stage of SSB for your respective defence exams but will always be crucial for your entire life journey.

Anoop Mehrotra Memorial SSB Tips Series : What Is Exploring Afterall?

Exploring Life implies something other than what’s expected of everybody. We each have our own exceptional definition. As far as we might be concerned, exploring life is characterized by voyaging together. It’s our #1 thing to do as a team as well as an individual. We plan more than one excursion ahead, and we are continually dreaming about our list of must-dos of objections. Encountering new places and searching out experience in a new area presents to us a feeling of unrivalled delight. This bliss doesn’t genuinely show itself except if we are voyaging together. Exploring life implies something other than what’s expected of everybody.

In the perspective of cracking SSB, It is vital that an aspirant has explored itself. Now SSB is the only way out to become a dedicated officer in Indian Armed Forces. The first vital point in exploring self is where you are really in for the defence career option or not. We truly lack the sense of exploring as we do not understand it’s important in the very first place. Now If you have explored your choice, the second thing in the “Exploring List” is your sole motive or objective of getting into defence. Do you want to serve the nation only or you also see it as a professional career option.

At number three we have the exploring our weakness and strengths before introspection which is altogether a post stage process. If one is able to find out his or her flaws along with the strong points then the point of becoming an achiever amongst the achievers has come.

In order to explore yourself, one should talk to self in front of the mirror, in solitude or even with someone who fully understands us. Now open up yourself with sheer honesty and take a keep of all the points or even write down the thins pointwise in a diary or on a sheet of paper. Now cross-examine all the things and make up a flow chart to look up to your explored points and unexplored points. Work to better on explored ones then go forward toward the unexplored ones.

It can be overall a big set of tasks, manners, feelings, emotions, subjects or mindset. Explore, Examine, Evaluate and Emulate. These are the top 4 E’s of Exploring. It’s daily process to reach the end tunnel to reach success.

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