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Why Trishul Defence Academy is Best For SSB Preparations?

Best SSB Preparations by Trishul Defence Academy

SSB Preparations: SSB Interviews is a gateway to Enter Into Indian Armed Forces as a Commissioned Officer. The Defence Aspirants who aspire to Become a Class One Officer with Indian Armed Forces need to Face Interview which is known as SSB Interview. SSB Interview is a Specialized Interview Technique which Checks at Officer Like Qualities .There are 15 Officer Like Qualities which are being checked by 3 Accessors in Service Selection Board Interview.

The 3 Accessors Of SSB Interview Board are:-


2.Group Testing Officer

3.Interviewing Officer-Generally he is President/Dep. President

SSB Interview Procedure:-

SSB Interview Procedure is a 5 Days Procedure Divided into 2 Stages:

Stage 1-Screening-Spread Over 1 Day

Stage 2-Comprises Of Psychological Test,GTO Test , Interview and Conference which is Spread Over 4 Days

ssb preparation

The in depth Procedure of SSB Interviews is as follows:-

 Day 1: Screening Test

  • Officer Intelligence Rating Test (OIRT)
  • Picture Perception & Description Test (PPDT)

 Day 2Psychological Test

  • Thematic Appreciation Test (TAT)
  • Word Association Test (WAT)
  • Situation Reaction Test (SRT)
  • Self Description Test (SDT)

Day 3Group Testing Officer Tasks (G.T.O)

Day 4Group Testing and Personal Interview

Day 5Conference Day

Students Choose Trishul Defence Academy for SSB Interviews Because:-

1.Trishul Defence academy was one of the Few First Defence Academy in the Whole Country to Provide SSB Interviews. Trishul Defence Academy was started by Late Wing Commander anoop Mehrotra who himself was GTO Officer with Air Force Selection Board Varanasi and Mysore(4AFSB,2AFSB).Way back  2004 onwards  Trishul Defence Academy started Providing SSB Interview Coaching  and till now in 18years Trishul Defence Academy has given over 571 Officers to Indian Armed Forces and theCount is Still on….

2.Trishul Defence Academy Provides Practical Exposure Of Group Testing Obstacles as Trishul Defence academy has its own GTO Ground.Trishul Defence Academy is Equipped with Individual Obstacles,Progressive Group Tasks and Command Tasks

3.Trishul Defence Academy is equipped with Smart digital Boards which gives you real Experiences of Tests like PPDT, TAT, WAT and SRT.This enhances the Practice of Students thus chances of getting recommendation increases

4.Lecturette and Group Discussion Practice is done Everyday thus helps in Developing Personality Development and gaining Confidence in Candidates.This Techniques helps them cross the hitch of Speaking in English

5.In Trishul Defence Academy SSB Classes are taken by Col Pankaj Mehrotra who himself was Deputy President of Allahabad Board and Bhopal Board.He was the Interviewing Officer and has Encountered over 20,000 Candidates in his 8 yrs of Experience as Dep President of SSB Board

6.If you are candidate of NDA and is going to Face SSB Interview through NDA Entry you must make a visit to Trishul Defence Academy first.In Every Batch Of NDA 3-4 Students are from Trishul Defence Academy which makes it 1-2% .Thus we are Proud to Say Trishul Defence Academy is Best for SSB Preparations

7.14 Days Course Capsule is designed in such a manner that Systematic Brain Mapping of Candidates is done which makes them Prepare for Facing SSB Interviews.It is the Students who say Trishul Defence Academy is Best For SSB Preparations

With more than 18 yrs Of Experience Trishul Defence Academy is a Common Name for SSB Aspirants thus if you are looking for SSB Coaching come and Visit Trishul Defence Academy

If you are a Defence Aspirant and you are Looking for Best SSB Coaching Come and Join Trishul Defence Academy.T rishul Defence Academy was started by Late Wing Commander Anoop Mehrotra (Ex NDA,Ex GTO)who himself was Ex GTO with Air Force Selection Board of Varanasi and Mysore.Since 2003 Trishul Defence Academy has given over 570 Commissioned Officers and the Count is still on.Post Wing Commander Anoop Mehrotra’s Demise SSB Classes in Trishul Defence Academy is looked after by Col Pankaj Mehrotra who himself was Ex NDA,Ex Interviewing Officer and Deputy President of  Army Selection Board Allahabad and Army Selection Board Bhopal

In Every Batch of NDA Trishul Defence Academy has given Selections.On an average 4-5 Candidates are given in Every Batch Of NDA. .Come and Join Trishul Defence Academy and Make Your Dreams of Joining Armed Forces True…

PREPARE SSB INTERVIEW WITH THE BEST Defence Coaching- Trishul Defence Academy

If you want to get full success with flying colors in the final important round of SSB Interview, Join Trishul Defence Academy- Northern India’s #1 Defence Coaching Today.

Under the guidance of SSB Master Colonel Pankaj Mehrotra (Ex-NDA, Ex- IO) 11 34 SSB, Allahabad & 21 22 SSB Bhopal, prepare for each and every test of SSB with full expertise. Ranging from written, psychological or group tasks, with TDA you are determined for success

With the inspiration of Trishul’s founder, Late Wing Commander Anoop Mehrotra Sir, we proudly announce admissions for the SSB interview preparation course for the academic session of 2021-22. Come join us today for the ultimate success in SSB.

Connect with Trishul Defence Academy for the latest updates, and notifications.

Call and connect with us to book a seat for yourself for the upcoming batch of 2022-23. Special discount offer on booking at the earliest. 

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