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shortage of officers in indian armed forces

Why There is Shortage of Officers in Indian Armed Forces

Inspite Of Our Country India  Being The most populous country in the world  there is still shortage of officers in Army, Air Force and Navy. In this Blog we will talk about Why There is Shortage of  Officers in Indian Armed Forces ??

According to the statistical data about 71% of the population is young below the age of 35 years, Today, India is considered as a young country around the world and as a potential market. There is no shortage of talent. Today Indians have reached in every corner of the world in every field. Still Today There is a Shortage Of Officers in Indian Armed Forces, Let us Find Out The Reasons For The Same

Is it Because Of Complex SSB Procedures ?

Today, SSB Boards are Operating with Low Pass Rates.The Pass Rates in SSB Boards are mere 3.6%.Is this inappropriateness of assessors? Are the assessors reluctant to select candidates? Why the selection board is operating in such a low pass rate? For Example, if 100 candidates are reporting to the centre only 3-4 candidates are getting Selected. In this times Everybody would be prepared. There is resources, content, and if you search online on YouTube there you can find thousands of channels for the tips and tricks for SSB.

Let me Tell You . The assessors are there to select but they are not getting the potential candidates.The assessors are not going to compromise with the quality. There is a set standard and if they starts comprising with the quality, They are Compromising with The National Security.

Todays Youth is Under Lot of Stress.A survey conducted by the UNICEF in 2021, reveals that 59% of youngsters age ranging from 15 years to 24 years are suffering from poor mental health. Which means they are under depression, mental disorders, negativity, etc. hence, there is only 41% youth of India who is mentally healthy. This is big truth.

Now, what happens in SSB Boards, when they face SSB  Interviews even after preparations they are not recommended . How much you had homework on your life,On Your Mental Health. Instead of working on themselves, they believe that if they get a tailor made answer in a coaching to copy and paste in SSB only,Then they can be selected which is a Myth.

Candidates need to understand that You are a different individual, and the one who is making you understand is a different individual. Never copy others. You must improve yourself by your own idea. You can  only get SSB guidance and not SSB  coaching. Those who take coaching will not get success and those get successes is for those who opt for guidance.

Secondly It is Often Seen , when they appear in SSB, instead of performing they believe in compete. This is the biggest reason for rejection. Because, if you compete with others you will never be your own Self. SSB is not about a race or a competition. Candidate A is assessed differently and candidate B is assessed differently. There is a different assessment of every candidate. Whether performing in groups at GTO, there is individual’s assessment in context of a group. A candidate is assessed on the whole stay, while the candidate is competing with others.

Instead of showing smiles on their faces they show psychological stress, anxiety, worry about career, job security, about selection or rejection. And if with these tensions you face SSB then this make it worse. This anxiety reflects in your performance. Whenever you are carrying stress then you are going away from selection. This is what they have to understand. This is because of academics burden given by the schools. There are only 4% people are there who are able to balance their static and dynamic behavior. And the rest 96% are split, they are else in somewhere and else in somewhere else.

The reality is the assessors are not who are rejecting the candidates. Natural approach reflects in personality When you decides to join forces as an officer then there are 5 things you must keep in mind with you

  1. You need to be comfortable with the language
  2. You need to be good with your IQ level
  3. You need to be good with you General awareness
  4. You need to be good health which includes physical as well as mental, owing a happy soul. You must be an owner of a happy soul.
  5. Liveliness

And If you are introvert, a book worm, or having no exposure, no outside participation, you have to work out on that first. So, outcome of the discussion is the shortage of the officer in forces is stress, which is very important. Youngsters today is living in stress.

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