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Why Physical Fitness is important in Indian Army

Why Physical Fitness is important in Indian Army ?

Why Physical Fitness is important in Indian Army

Physical Fitness is necessary in all aspect of life, but in defence services Physical Fitness and Mental Fitness is required of higher level because the requirement of the Nature Of Work. The students who are aspiring for Defence forces will have to have to maintain their physical fitness.In this Blog we are Discussing Why Physical Fitness is important in Indian Army.

Physical fitness not only protects you from diseases but also helps you to clear SSB and medical test thereafter. And the successful candidates after joining the Various Academies of Indian Army(NDA,IMA,OTA) are prepared for tougher exercises for the transition from Civil life to Army life thus a Question arises

What type of preparation is required for the Physical Fitness?

The candidates are required to improve the Physical Fitness strength. For that we can follow a simple regime of Medical Fitness Exercises, in which you can practice Running, free hand exercises, pushups, chin-ups, sit-ups. Besides these you can take part in swimming and sports if you have facility. Be careful of not to practice rigorous form of  exercises, except for those who are participating in the competitive sport such as bodybuilding sports.

The Timing and the Routine of the Exercises

The type of exercises is dependent on the engagement of the nature of work and the time of work, but we would suggest that you should choose the timing early in the morning when you are fresh and you can concentrate on the exercises,

Importance Of Physical Training In The Indian Army

First of all you start with jogging, later on progress to running. Your target must be to achieve the strength of running 1 km in 6-7 minutes in the beginning  you can start with 1 or 2 kms and after improving your physical fitness you can increase this up to 5 kms. Try to practice this routinely if not possible daily then it must be 4 days per week. After running, begin Field exercises, you have done these in the schools also. This helps in strengthening you full body stamina. It is necessary to exercise every limb of your body.

Be careful, that you should practice push-ups, sit-ups and chin-ups so that the strength of your arms and abdominal muscles and hence increase the stamina and strength of the body. Along with this, you can participate in sports and athletics to increase the stamina to tone-up your body. If you have facilities of swimming, then it is a very good exercise you should practice it.

For both, male and female candidates these standards should apply. And you should be doing this progressively and should not exerts yourself in the beginning it self.You can achieve these standards in 5-6 months with Constant Effort and Disciplined Routine

Being a Defence Aspirant If you can achieve, these standards then you will never face any difficulty to clear Individual Obstacles in SSB and also you will be  away from diseases and problems relating to BP and obesity and Thereafter when you  join the academy you  will not face any problem in doing difficult exercises and in the academy.

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