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What is SSB

What is SSB & How to Prepare for Upcoming SSB Interview 2022-23?

What is SSB & How to Prepare for SSB Interview

What is SSB: SSB Interview or Service Selection Board Interview is a Recruitment Process under which a Candidate’s skills are tested Intellectually, Physically, Psychologically, and through Group Activities. There are Mainly two ways a Candidate can get Qualify for an SSB Interview: Firstly,Candidate has cleared the written Exam based on a particular type of Entry; Second, A Candidate can be Selected on the Merit list Prepared on the basis of Candidates Academic Records. There are in total 13 SSBs Across the Nation Set up for the Selection Process of Indian Army (4), Air Force (5) & Naval Services (4). The Purpose of the Service Selection Board is to test candidate aptitude in the 5 day NDA Selection Process and decide whether they at par with the intelligence required for Officers at Indian Armed Forces.

The SSB Interview Process is described in detail below. The Detailed Day to Day Process will help the Candidates to Prepare well for the Process. 


The SSB Interview Procedure Comprises of two Stage Selection process: Stage I & Stage II. Candidates, those  Who Qualify the Stage- I, Only they are Permitted to Appear for Stage- II. The Complete Procedure is given below:

Stage- 1:  This Stage Consists of Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) Tests and Picture Perception & Description Test (PP & DT). Stage- 1  is a Screening Test. Candidates will be Shortlisted on the basis of Combined performance in OIR Test and PP & DT.

Stage- 2: This stage is conducted for four (4) days. Stage II consists of Psychology Tests, Group Testing Officer Tasks (GTO Tasks), Interview & Conference.



On this Day, Candidates have to Report to the Selection Center. Candidate’s Original Documents along with photocopies will be Verified. After the Documents Verification, Personal Information Questionnaire (PIQ) Forms will be filled.

PIQ Forms: In this form, Candidates have to fill their Personal details Regarding Educational Profile, family background, etc. This form is very important. It forms a Base of Questions, Which Might be put to an Aspirant at the Individual Interview Round. The Responses will be Analyzed by the Psychologist of the Board.


On the next day, it will be the Stage – 1. Candidates have to give an Intelligence Test (Verbal & Non-Verbal) & Picture Perception Test. In PP Test, Slide (hazy or clear) is Shown for 30 Seconds & Candidates have to Write the Story. After finishing this Test, the Group Discussion Round takes place. This Sequence is Commonly known as Picture Perception and Discussion Test (PPDT).

Intelligence Test: It comprises of both; verbal and non-verbal questions. It is a written test which includes multiple choice questions. The time allotted to answering each question is 30 seconds.

Picture Perception and Discussion Test (PP & DT): This test includes story writing and discussion. A picture will be shown to the candidates for 30 seconds and candidates have to write a story based on the picture in 3 minutes.


It is a Set Written Tests, Organized by a Psychologist. In these tests, Candidates Psychological Suitability will be checked to be an Officer. These tests include:

  • Thematic Apperception Test (TAT):It is Called as Picture Story writing. This Test is Very Similar to PPDT. In this test, about 11 pictures will be Shown. Each Picture will be displayed just for 30 Seconds after that Candidates have to write a Story based on the Picture within 4 minutes. After 4 minutes another Picture will be displayed and the same Procedure will be followed till the last Slide. The Twelfth slide will be blank where a Candidate is Supposed to write any Story of their Own Choice.
  • Word Association Test (WAT):It is the Second Psychological Test of SSB Selection Procedure. In this test, 60 Words will be Shown back to back for a Period of 50 seconds. Candidates have to write the first thought that comes to their Mind for those words.
  • Situation Reaction Test (SRT):In this test, Candidates will get a Booklet with 60 Situations written on it. Candidates have to write their responses based on those 60 Situations.
  • Self Description Test (SDT):In this test, Candidates have to write their opinion about their parents, themselves, Friends, Teachers & Others. The Time will be Allotted For 15


These Tests are interactive indoor and outdoor activities as a combination of mental and physical work. These tests are as follows:

  • Group Discussion:In this round, a certain situation or topic (mostly current affairs) is given to a Group of Candidates. They are Expected to discuss the various Aspects of the issue. Group Task Officer Observes each Candidate during the Course of the Group Discussion.
  • Group Planning Exercise :   In this Round, a Model of Real Life Practical Circumstances is Presented to a Group of Applicants. They have to write their own Plan of Action for the Mentioned Problem.
  • Progressive Group Tasks (PGT):In this round, the group of candidates has to cross some obstacles with the help of supporting materials such as rope, plank, wood log etc.
  • Half Group Tasks: This round is same as PGT but the numbers of group members will half. Candidates get more chance to show their potential.
  • Individual Obstacles:In this round, candidates are required to attempt 10 obstacles individually.
  • Group Obstacles Race or Snake Race:In this round, all group members will compete to the other groups. Candidates are required to cross certain obstacles with the snake-like rope.
  • Command Task:In this task, an aspirant will be a commander. He will be required to cross some obstacles with the help of 2-3 subordinates.
  • Lecturette: In this round, each individual has to give a lecture for 3 minutes on a topic selected by them.
  • Final Group Task:  It is same as PGT. Candidates have another chance to show their Potential.

On the Same day, the Candidate’s Interview will be Conducted. It Involves a Personal Conversation with an Interviewing Officers.


On the final day, candidates & all the SSB board member sit together and have a chat to the candidates to ask a few general questions. The conference is just to decide whether you recommend as an officer in Indian defense forces or not. Candidates are required to come before the complete Board of Examiners, which is consisted of President, Deputy President, all the GTOs, all the Psychologists and Technical Officer.

Within an hour, the SSB Result is Declared after Completion of the Board Meeting. Selected candidates undergo medical test for further 3 or 5 days. After qualifying candidate’s medical test, the final merit list will be announced. 

ssb preparation




The candidate needs to understand the Interview Procedure thoroughly as it is not a One Day Task. SSB interview is not like other Exams so the Candidates need to understand all the stages that will be Carried out in 5 days.

2. READ CURRENT AFFAIRS EVERYDAY: It is always important to be aware of the things going around you. As a citizen, it is vital that you are aware of the general things happening and has knowledge and understanding about the same. So don’t miss out the daily dose of Current Events. General Awareness Questions are also put in GDP especially something of your State and Town. So read all the current affairs On Regular Basis.


SSB interview also has recurring topics in GD. Hence, it’s crucial that you read the common topics like Indian Politics, History of India, India and its current affairs, Armed Forces in India etc. Read Read and Read make notes of what you read. 


Being Confident Plays Vital Role not only for the GD Round but also the Personal Interview test. You need to be Well Prepared, Honest and Confident. If you are not Aware of anything, Don`t get Nervous try to Stay Calm and Composed and the Best thing is that you can Admit by Simply Replying that you don’t have Adequate knowledge about the particular topic but don’t give Twisted or wrong answers. The Interview Panel can make out that you are not Aware of it. Importance must be given to the way you Dress up for the Interview, Your Sitting Posture, Body Language, Eye Contact and Physical Gestures.Fill up the PIQ form Honestly and Correctly because this will Ensure that you are not asked something out of the League. Because they Generally tend to ask Questions on the information that you have provided them. During the Personal Interview, the interviewer generally looks for Key Traits like Office like Qualities (OLQs), Confidence, Decision-making power, Analytic skills, General Awareness and your Aptitude.


If you have a good Communication skill , you will Perform better in Group Discussion, Group Tasks etc.

Stand in front of a Mirror choose a topic and try speaking on it for 3-4 minutes. Record while you are speaking so that you can improvise Yourself after listening.


Various of Questions might be asked from the Place you Belong to. Hence, it is Advisable that you read about your Town or City or the State . Read Information Related to Historical Significance, Population, Language, Ethnicity, Governance, Notable Personalities, Cuisines, Art & Culture of your State/Town.


Along with the knowledge you need to be Physically fit as it is important for the Obstacle Round. Eat Good and Healthy Food. Practice Meditation and Yoga Daily to Calm your Mind and Relax Body.


It is Advisable that you Brush up the things that you have read in your 12th or Graduation. There are chances that the Interviewer might ask you Something Related to it. If you are from the Technical Background then do have Knowledge about the Same because there might be a Question Which is mentioned in PI.


Make sure you Practice for all the tests that are Mentioned above. You need to Develop your Creative thinking along with Speaking Skills. SRT, WAT and other written tests can be Dealt with by Practising from Study Material and Practice Creative writing daily. Going through Such Questions daily makes it Easier for you to Deal with the Test. Other tests like the obstacle test where your fitness and Physique is tested require you to be fit.  One should have Good Analytical Skills, Decision-making Power and Good Communication Skills to Perform well in Group Discussions. Developing these traits will definitely help you out! You need to have a vast knowledge of the GD topics as you need to speak and speak differently from others. You need to be clear with the facts that you will present and at the same time Confident about what you Speak.

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Trishul Defence Academy is the Best Coaching for SSB Interview at 5 Centres Across India Especializes to train young Aspirants thriving to be an Officer in Indian Armed Forces.

Late Wing cdr.Anoop Mehrotra a Veteran of Indian Airforce was an Alumnus of the Prestigious Defence Academy. He was a Cadet of NDA 60th Course and Passes out from NDA and Commissioned as a Flying Officer in Indian Airforce.He was Commissioned as a Bomber Pilot in Indian Airforce in the Year 1982 and shown active Participation in Operation PAWAN. In the year 1996 he Qualified as a Group Testing Officer (GTO) and Served in Various Selection Boards.

Our Present Interviewing Officer Honourable Colonel Pankaj Mehrotra is an Alumni of Sainik School UP Lucknow, 59th Course of National Defence Academy. He was Commissioned into Army on 19th December 1981. In his Army Career Spanning Over 38 Years he has been an Assessor for 8 Long Years at Four Different SSB`S.

Colonel Pankaj Mehrotra has been an Deputy President at 21st & 22nd SSB Bhopal and 11th & 34th SSB Allahabad.During his Stint as an Assessor,he has Assessed more than 20,000 Candidates in Stage -1 Testing and Conducted over 7000 Interviews.

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