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What is Short Service Commission

What is Short Service Commission ?

What is Short Service Commission In Indian Armed Forces

In this Blog we are going to Discuss about Short Service Commission. To understand what is Short Service Commission  Let us Go Back to  Sino-India war of 1962 in which India lost a big portion of Arunachal Pradesh to China. The only reason behind the loss was  that the size of Chinese army was  much larger than that of India. In 1962 there was a realization of increment in the size of the Indian army and thus entry started known as Emergency Commission. OTA Chennai, was then known as OTA Madras, which was  given the responsibility to induct officers to prepare for the war and the first  trainees of 12 Batches  were inducted through the Emergency Commission in OTA madras.Total  412 officers were  were passed out between 1962-1965. The Emergency Commission was dissolved around 14th April 1965 and new Short Service Commission was established to join the defence services for short period of time and then continue you work after that.Thus Short Service Commission was Introduced in 1965 in Indian Army

Short Service Commission(SSC)-

Through SSC  on one hand Civilian will get exposure to defence services and on the other hand Indian Army, Air Force and Navy will get officers to fill the vacancies. In 1965 the SSC has only one target to full fill the vacancies. This continues till now but today aim of Introducing SSC in Indian Armed Forces  is to enjoy the adventurous life of the Forces And hence, the motto of the SSC is to fill the vacancies in the forces and give the opportunity to the civilian to lead a adventurous life and to serve nation, along with handsome salary, status in society, and  respect.Thus there are different types of vacancies in Army, AF and Navy in the name of SSC.

Short Service Commission  is the opportunity to serve the nation for a short period of time and then continue your corporate life, business, or continue your family business .The tenure of SSC is of 10 years and can avail an extension 4 years, total 14 years of job .In SSC pension facility is not there is because it given only to those who have served for minimum 20 years.

Many of the Defence Aspirants want to know wether SSC can be Permanent Commission then the answer is YES.But there are four factors for Short Service Commission to be Converted to Permanent Commission:-

  1. Is there any vacancy in that field or domain or branch you are serving or not.
  2. Your Annual Confidential report is good or not.
  3. Service requirements
  4. Age and Health

If these four factors are in your favor then there is a chance of Permanent Commission through SSC. For Permanent Commission You need to Apply in  your 6th or 7th year of job provided vacancies are there.

Thus if given an Opportunity Do Join Indian Armed Forces Through Short Service Commission 

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