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What is Psychological Assessment Test

What is Psychological Assessment Test in MNS ?

Psychological Assessment Test (PAT) in MNS

Military Nursing Services is an Entry Exclusively for females aged between 17 yrs to 24 Years who wish to Serve the Armed Forces as a Military Nurse.In MNS Indian Army Provides BSc Nursing by Top Military Setups like Command Hospital Lucknow,Command Hospital Kolkata, Command Hospital Bangalore,Research and Referal Army Hospital , INHS Ashwini Mumbai and AFMC Pune. Every Year around 220 Girls are Selected through a Selection Procedure which involves:-

Step 1-Filling NEET Form 

Step 2-Filling MNS form

Step 3-Appearing For NEET Exam

Step 4-Filling NEET Score in MNS Form

Step 5-Computer Based Test also known as TOGGIE

Step 6-Appear for Psychological Assessment Test

Step 7-Appear For Medicals

Step 8-All India Merit and Joining in December Every Year

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Through this Blog we are Trying to Tell you something about Psychological Assessment Test also known as PAT.PAT Test is a test which aims at checking mindset of the individual candidate. PAT is of 30 minutes in which there would be 40 Questions. A Statement would be given followed by 5 Options. The 5 Options would be:-

a) Strongly Agree

b) Agree

c) Neutral

d) Disagree

e) Strongly Disagree

PAT is Reviewed by a Psychologist Present in the Room and aims at Finding the State of mind of the Candidate.It aims at Finding how Well  a Candidate is suitable in Armed Forces Environment. Armed Forces Officers are Very Practical in nature which means they aren’t too emotional.With Psychological Assessment Test a Psychologist gets to know Emotional Quotient of the Candidates. Since MNS is specifically for Girls Emotional Quotient Level Plays an Important Role .With Girl Candidates generally Emotional Quotient Level is high thus test like PAT helps in identifying Correct set of Girls Who are more of  Practical nature rather Emotional. PAT test is a type of Psychological Test which is conducted in SSB Interviews for  Becoming a Commissioned Officer in Indian Armed Forces.

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In Trishul Defence Academy PAT Classes are Provided by Col Pankaj Mehrotra Sir who himself was Deputy President with Army Selection Board . He had Served with Various Selection Boards of Army for more than 10 years and has screened close to 1 lakh Candidates.

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