What Is Lecturette In SSB ? | Lecturette Topics & Preparation Tips | Best Defence Coaching

What Is Lecturette In SSB ? | Lecturette Topics & Preparation Tips

What Is Lecturette In SSB : Today, we are going to discuss about the Lecturette in SSB. It is important for the defence aspirants who have qualified the written and then reached the last stage of SSB interview to perform well in it. After reading this informative and vital blog, Defence Aspirants will get an insight as to what is Lecturette, It’s purpose, Important Lecturette Tips and also the preparation tips to excel in it.

What Is Lecturette & It’s Purpose ?

SSB is a thorough, extensive, testing and maybe the most intriguing interview of Defense placement tests. It is a litmus test to evaluate Officer Like Qualities of the candidates. In the event that you have the necessary expertise and ability, the way to Defense is all open for you!

SSB involves a lot of tests among which Lecturette is the most straightforward. The following is an inside and out clarification of this round:

The abstract importance of Lecturette is ‘little talk’. As inferred by the name and the strict importance lecturette round requires a candidate to speak on the given topic. The point of directing Lecturette round is to look at the character of an applicant, his or her certainty, verbal abilities and his knowledge panel.

It is a part of group task conducted by the GTO Officer. In Lecturette round of SSB, applicants are divided into specific groups.

Candidates are called individually to take the clue play card wherein 4 topics are given. The subjects range from social, financial, political points or current affairs. When the competitor has chosen his or her topic duration of 3 minutes is given to set up a discussion over it.

Following three minutes the candidates come before the group members, gives his self-introduction momentarily and starts his speech.

In the meantime, another competitor is called to pick a point and set up his or her content.

Lecturette Preparation Tips

  • Keep your presentation exact and fundamental. Try not to portray your entire background. Essentially tell your name, present place of employment/course seeking after, parent’s calling, spot of home and diversion. Pay attention to GTO cautiously, he will brief the example. One must be specific to the given directions by GTO.
  • Understand the perspective of conducting Officers. They check your appearance, non-verbal communication, language familiarity, certainty, information, and character. Consequently, convey a decent exhibition by remembering the above boundaries.
  • Outline the subject in certain headings and it is recommended to convey the substance according to those isolated subheadings as it were. It makes the audience more associated and mindful. It is valuable for the candidate too in light of the fact that he is clear with the focuses he needs to cover. By and large, it goes like the significance of the subject, present situation, positive parts of something similar, negative perspectives and its inventive arrangement, advanced viewpoints and end.
  • The candidate is warned with a ring at 2 minutes 30 seconds. It is the time an applicant should proceed onward for an impactful and sure end. The impression made toward the start of the subject has a great deal of pertinence with its completion also.
  • In the event that the end isn’t on schedule and is with haphazardness, it has an awful impression. So it is recommended to proceed onward it just subsequent to posting the ringer with the goal that you can get an adequate range of time for a significant and persuaded end.
  • Body language plays a significant part. It is proposed to stand straight, jawline up position. One should look coordinated and focused on the given topic. Convey with energy, taking into account that you are given the chance since you merit it and disclose with an anomaly to interface them with given subject.
  • Develop your relational abilities. One ought to have a decent order on the language for show. Foster a smooth acquaintance with the language so such issues don’t happen.
  • The mechanism for correspondence ought to be without a doubt solid for example language. Hindi is another native language so one feels good in it; the comparative degree of an acquaintance is to be acquired correspondence.

Lecturette Important Topics

Following are the list of the important topics for Lecturette in SSB which all the defence aspirants must focus on.

  • Vaccine Maitri: Failure or Success
  • Is India ready for Electric Vehicles
  • Doubling the Farmers’ Income, How ?
  • Is Globalization an Opportunity or a Threat?
  • Death Penalty: Inhumane or Should India Continue this harsh British Legacy ?
  • Impact of fake news in society
  • How can Indo-Pak relations be improved?
  • Involving the Army in civil tasks – Right or Wrong?
  • Hard Work Vs Smart Work
  • How India can become a Superpower in coming decades?
  • Where should India invest more – i) human capital, ii) human development
  • Can relations between India – Pakistan be improved, if Pakistan strengthens its Democracy ?
  • Farm Bill Amendment – The new agricultural bill – Good or Bad
  • Cashless Economy – Is India ready for it?
  • Do you think our education system needs some serious reforms to ancient education & promote sports in schools and colleges?
  • How can India be better prepared to deal with sudden outbreaks of various diseases and viruses in India?
  • Is India ready for electric vehicles?
  • How can we as individuals contribute to bringing down air and water pollution in our country ?
  • Should temples be allowed to have gender-specific rules?
  • Cashless Economy – Is India ready for it?
  • Should India spend more on Public Health or Defence?
  • Who should be held responsible for Lynching?
  • i) Social Media sites, or ii) State government.
  • Banning the entry of women in temples is unconstitutional, but still in practice. What is the way out this problem?
  • Has abrogation of Article 370 helped J&K Develop?
  • What causes the maximum threat to humanity? Terrorism, Natural Disasters or Pollution.
  • Child Labor still exists in many parts of our country. What Labor Reforms do we need ?
  • Coronavirus: Impact on Global Economy
  • Is it still too early for India to have bullet trains?

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