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What is Half Group Task in SSB Interview ?

Half Group Task in SSB Interview

In this blog we are going to Discuss About Half Group Task in SSB Interview. Before Understanding Half Group Task Remember GTO has got 9 Tasks which has to be Performed.The Serial of the Tasks are as follows:-

(a)   Group Discussion (GD)

gd in ssb

(b)   Group Planning (GP)

gp in ssb

(c)   Progressive Group task (PGT)

pgt in ssb

(d)  Group Obstacle Race (GOR)

(e)  Half Group Task (HGT)

hgt in ssb

(f)   Individual Obstacles (IO)

io in ssb

(g)  Lecturette

lecturette in ssb

(h)  Command Task (CT)

ct in ssb

(j)   Final Group Task (FGT)

Now Let us Understand – What is Half  Group Task in SSB Interview

In this task the group is divided into two and one obstacle , as in PGT, has to be negotiated. When one half of the group is negotiating the obstacle the other part of the group will not be allowed to be a spectator but will be seated away from the obstacle, after one half of the group has finished the task they too will be sent away. All rules of  PGT as in :-

1.Group Rule

2.Colour Rule

3.Distance Rule

4.Rule Of Rigidity

5.Rule of Infinity

All these rules will be applicable, helping material and load will be provided. Time about 20-25 minutes to each sub-group will be Provided to Complete Half Group Task

In Trishul Defence Academy SSB Interviews are Provided under guidance of Col Pankaj Mehrotra -Ex Interviewing Officer (Dep President-Allahabad Board and Bhopal Board) and Col Somitro Dutt (Ex GTO-Kapoorthala Board) The Classes are Provided with Experience of Real Outdoor GTO Ground with all the Obstacles in it including Half Group Task, Progressive Group Task, Individual Obstacles, Command Task and Final Group Task.

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Trishul Defence Academy was started in 2004 by Ex GTO Late Wing Commander Anoop Mehrotra who himself was with SSB Boards of Indian Air Force (Varanasi,Mysore Board) and Indian Army (Allahabad Board). Trishul Defence Academy has given more than  570 Officers to Indian Armed Forces and the Count is still on. Trishul Defence Academy is the Best SSB Coaching.

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Trishul Defence Academy founded in 2003 by Late Wing Commander Anoop Mehrotra who himself was Ex NDA, Ex GTO. Wing commander Anoop Mehrotra himself was with 4 AFSB (Varanasi and 2 AFSB (Mysore). Post his demise Col Pankaj Mehrotra took over as SSB in Charge.

About the Accessors of SSB Interview In Trishul Defence Academy

Col Pankaj Mehrotra himself was Deputy President with Army Selection Board (Bhopal and Bangalore) and was Ex NDA and Ex IO.Complete Interview Technique and Psychological Technique is taught to Candidates under him..

Col. Dutt is the GTO With Trishul Defence Academy. Col Somitro Dutt himself is an Ex GTO Officer and was with Kapoorthala Board .Complete Technique is Taught by him with State Of Art Infrastructure,Updated GPE Models,Outdoor GTO Task and thorough techniques of use of Helping Materials is taught by him…


Abhinav Mehrotra son Of Late Wing Commander Anoop Mehrotra gives thorough Practice of Lecturette and Group Discussions everyday so that Personality of the Candidates can be Groomed

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