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Group Planning Exercise

What is Group Planning Exercise in SSB Interview?

Group Planning Exercise in SSB Interview

In this Blog we are going to Discuss How Group Planning Exercise also known as GPE or Military Planning Exercise is conducted in SSB Interview

As the name GPE ,  the group is required to make a plan, in this task a story will be narrated , candidates are a part of the story. The story shall have some problems/ situations, candidates are required to form a plan of action to solve the problems or resolve the situations. The group will be discussing and then arrive at a conclusion.

TO make an Easy Understanding of  This task, GPE is carried out in five parts.

(i)  Part one : A model is introduced to the group by the GTO.

(ii)  Part two: A story related to the model is read out.

(iii) Part three: Each candidate is given a copy of the story to read and understand the story/ situation. A time of 5 minutes is allotted for the same.

(iv)   Part four: The copy of the story is taken back and a sheet of paper is provided to each candidate to write his/her own solution. Time allotted for the purpose is 10 minutes.

(v)    Part five : After the individual solutions are submitted the group is required to discuss amongst themselves and form a group plan. In the end one of the candidates may be asked to give out the group plan. Time for discussion could be about 20 – 25 minutes.

In such a Manner GPE is Conducted.In Trishul Defence Academy GTO Col. Dutt Provides Complete GTO Knowledge in SSB Batches. Col Dutt himself was a GTO Officer and thus complete guidance Of GTO is Provided by him.Watch this Video to Understand Sample GPE.

SSB Interview Classes are Provided under guidance of Col. Pankaj Mehrotra who himself was Ex NDA and Deputy President Of SSB Boards Of Army (Allahabad Board and Bhopal Board)

Watch the Full Video of Group Planning Exercise for SSB by Col. Dutta Sir (Ex. GTO)

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