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What is Basic Screening Test in SSB Interview

What is Screening Test in SSB Interview ?

Basic Screening Test in SSB Interview was introduced in the selection process in year 1998 and purpose of introducing this test was to filter the candidates appearing for selesction board according to the suitability and retention capacity of the selection board for stage two of the process.

BST is divided into two parts:            

(a) OIR test                (b) PPDT

OIR TEST : This a intelligence rating test of a candidate and will be conducted through verbal and non-verbal questions of reasoning ability. Candidate will be getting two separate booklets Set A (Verbal questions) and Set B (Non- verbal questions). In testing hall candidates will be sitting in pair according to their chest numbers. Testing member of selection board will ask candidates to interchange their booklets after half time. This is an OMR based test which will have no negative marking. So the candidates are advised to attempt all questions which need speed of decision.

General topics for Set A:

  1. Completion of series
  2. Analogy
  3. Classification
  4. Seating arrangement
  5. Direction sense questions
  6. Blood relation questions
  7. Odd word out
  8. Coding- decoding
  9. Dictionary questions
  10. Jumbled words

General topics for Set B:

  1. Series
  2. Analogy
  3. Classification
  4. Spotting out embedded figures
  5. Completion of incomplete pattern
  6. Figure matrix
  7. Grouping of identical figures
  8. Cubes and dice
  9. Counting of squares and triangles

After OIR test candidates will be appearing for PPDT, where a blur or hazy picture will be projected on screen for 30 seconds. Candidates are required to observe and interpretate the picture. They need to frame an imaginary story on the shown pictuer. Before writing story candidates will get some extra time to fill up the box given on the top of sheet for writing story and they also have to write action below the box. In the box candidate will fill the details of shown characters in the picture by mentioning their gender, age and mood in abbrevative form eg; M for male and F for female, + for positve mood and – for negative mood or you are also free to write N for nuetral mood.

Candidates are advised to write an imaginary story instead of describing the picture. Remember, the story should be close to the picture shown to you, so avoid carrying a preconceived idea. After writing story, candidates will get a refreshment break and will be distributed into certain subgroups after the break. The strength of the subgroup will remain in between 15 to 20 members. Each subgroup will be called into a hall or room for narration and discussion part of the test. Candidates will be asked to sit into semicircle and narrate their story one by one. Once the narration of last member will finish group will start group discussion on the picture to reach on a common story. During narration and discussion part assessors will sit in front of group but candidates are advised not to address assessors.

Be audible, clear and compressed while narrating story and and active participant of group discussion to help group framing a common story.

Examples of PPDT:


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