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What is Agniveer Navy SSR, Job Roles, Salary and Promotions

What is Agniveer Navy SSR, Job Roles, Salary and Promotions

In this Blog we are going to discuss about Navy Agniveer SSR. We will be discussing What is Navy Agniveer SSR ! What is the Salary Structure!What is job profile!About Training period and training

Indian Navy is famous for its advanced technology, its musical band, its discipline, and its code of conduct. Since the time of Britishers, there are two types of services in Indian Navy at the top level there are Officials and under them are sailors. Before 2022, or say till 2021 the sailors were of three class.

  1. Artificer Apprentice (AA)
  2. Senior Secondary Recruit (SSR)
  3. Matric Recruit (MR)

These are the three class of sailors who serves in Indian Navy. From 2022 with the commencement of Agnipath Scheme, there was a change in the structure of the sailors. AA and  MR were 2 Classes of Sailors in Indian Navy.Therefore If someone wants to join Indian Navy there is two types of job opportunities Either he join as SSR or joins as MR.

SSR is for those who have pass 10+2 std. with Maths and Physics and any other as third subject. The logic behind the requirement of Maths and Physics is that the technical aspect of the job profile. Technical means- Aircraft carriers, Submarines, Radars, Weapon system, Communication etc. these all works are carried out by these SSR job profiles. Work of SSR  includes from Radar to SONAR, management of weapons, taking care of aircraft carrier, looking after submarines. Because SSR Sailors have maths and physics in their 10+2 std,Sailors are made technically sound by giving them training. Technically sound means making them capable of working efficiently on equipments of Indian navy.

Training of Navy SSR

If we talk about training- the whole setup is organized in INS Chilka . it is that Naval ship where training of all the sailors are carried out. The first 6 months training is for Basic Physical training, basic military code of conduct with military drill. And then the technical training is carried out in various Naval ships or offshore depending upon the job.

Salary Structure of Navy SSR

Since Navy Sailors Recruitment is  under Agnipath Scheme, the salary is ₹ 30, 000 and from very first time some fund is taken out and the same amount is given by the govt for corpus fund. The age for SSR is 17 ½ to 21 years is because the energy of this young blood is used for the nation.

Job Profile Of Navy SSR

Navy SSR is a hardcore technical job in which all the technical works are carried out. Which starts from the maintenance of technical instrument. Since the implementation of Atmnirbhar Bharat the Indian navy is self reliant even we have now our own Aircraft Carrier  INS Vikrant which was  constructed in Cochin shipyard.

Second important work is the security of the naval ships. Many of the recruits join marcos. Till now only officer became marcos but from now under Agniveer can become marcos.

Under training firing of weapons is also given.

Eligibility Of SSR

The requirement for SSR is only unmarried male and females can apply.The ageof SSR is 17.5 to 21 yrs. For this four year job duration SSR will remain unmarried SSR is the right hand of the officers. No doubt it is a completely technical job. It is not clear but an assessment that after four years of the job in Indian Navy they give you a diploma certificate.

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