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Tricky Questions Asked In SSB Interview

Tricky Questions Asked In SSB Interview

Tricky Questions Asked In SSB Interview : SSB interview is the interaction that is intended to test the up-and-comers psychological capacity and the temperament to work under pressure. The entire interaction tests for congruency in your reactions at different levels and under different reactions.

There have been a few cases where a candidate has been posed tricky questions in the Personal Inteterview and Conference. While he asks why and attempts to sort out the appropriate response, the assessors test how he is moving toward the appropriate response and his demeanor to arrive at a resolution legitimately.

Here are some of such tricky questions and circumstances that requests good judgment, out of the safe zone and legitimate reasoning:

Tricky Questions Asked In SSB Interview


  1. Tell me 5 utilities of eyeglasses other than vision adjustment?

Eyeglasses can shield your eyes from outrageous cold, sun, dust and other ecological dangers.

Can be utilized to light a fire.

It can convey beams to message somebody.

Can be utilized as a cutting and burrowing device.

Casings can be made into a snare.

  1. During the interview, a competitor comes inside the room. The competitor arrived in a rush and requested that authorization enter. In the wake of entering, he was asked – “Without checking out the entryway, tell me did you push the entryway or pulled the entryway”? This is trailed by the inquiry – “What was composed on the external side of the entryway – Push or Pull”?

This question is fundamental to test the mindfulness and sharpness of an applicant under pressure and apprehension.

You should be mindful and focus harder on your environmental factors.

  1. In case you were trapped in a room, with no admittance to telephone or web, how might you know the temperature outside?

This inquiry tests your capacity to work with restricted assets.

Test reaction: I would utilize a thermometer. Or then again you could likewise say you could yell at the individual outside to know the temperature.

  1. How will you respond on the off chance that I flee with your sister?

This inquiry again tests what your feelings mean for your dynamic capacity. You may blow up, you may deny the circumstance, you may do a police whine or you may think about an intelligent response to this theoretical inquiry.

Test Response: “I would sit tight for you both to return and direct an excellent marriage.”

  1. Let me know the specific volume of this room.

This inquiry is by and large to construct tension on you for the forthcoming inquiries. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you neglect to address this inquiry, it would recommend the IO that you have a low handle of what you learned at your school level.

Simply give a visually impaired supposition and clarify with rationale, including the recipe for shape’s volume.

  1. What’s something genuine that nearly no one concurs with you on?

This is to check how well you reason and legitimize why you are right and every other person is off-base. This would likewise provide the IO with a thought of how great would you be able to persuade individuals with your rationale.

  1. What weighs more – 100 kg of coins, or 100 kg of plumes?

This inquiry again is to really take a look at your sharpness and sensible thinking. Up-and-comers by and large will in general think as far as amount and weight per unit or plume and coin.

At the point when he says that both are of 100kg, both gauge same, independent of their amount.

  1. What is the biggest number you can make utilizing 3 digits?

You have three digits and the digit of the greatest worth is 9. Applicants would will in general figure that the biggest number you can make utilizing every one of the 9s are 999.

Have you ever considered 9^(9^9) – 9 power 9 power 9?

9.You are having this Milton bottle currently let me know its greatest employments?

A competitor reacted – “First I will drink water then I will take out the cap and play get, I can fill it with rewards, the jug is hard so I can utilize it as a sledge I can likewise utilize it as a weapon.”

  1. Tell me 5 utilites of a pen?

Squeezing little fastens when you need to restart telephone, modem and so on

To take care of you.

As a conductor’s button.

As a pointer when you are giving a show.

As a weapon to kill somebody.

To open (tear) a plastic bundle.

As a bookmarker.

To do a hair bun-Japanese style.

We can play pen battle.

Can use to shading something.

Learn pen turning and participate in pen turning competition.

  1. What is the shade of the divider behind you?

Be mindful and notice things when you go inside the room.

The shade of the dividers would be the equivalent so every one of the dividers will have a similar shading generally.

  1. Can you see the art work of airplane, let me know which airplane is that?

You might face such inquiry in AFSB interview with, ensure you know about airplane and how to distinguish them.

Such canvases are for the most part of IAF airplane as it were.

The lesson part is that regardless inquiry is presented to you, it is all to ensure how well you can take pressure while as yet being legitimate and furnishing motivations to your response. Thus, attempt to be more sensible and functional in your methodologies.



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