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Story of 1965 Indo-Pak War When Indian Army First Time Entered Pakistan Land For Befitting Reply

Story of 1965 Indo-Pak War : After a crushing defeat at Paration Gibraltar, Pakistan launched Operation Grand Slam. Under Operation Grand Slam, Pakistan hatched a nefarious plot to capture the city of Akhnoor under Jammu and Kashmir.

As part of the conspiracy, Pakistan attacked on 1 September 1965. However, it is a matter of fact that the soldiers of the Indian Army thwarted this attack of Pakistan. After seeing this nefarious act of Pakistan, India decided to retaliate. This time the retaliation was not to be done in India, but on the soil of Pakistan.

Under the plan, the Indian Army was to capture all areas of Pakistan located in the eastern sector of the Ichhogil Canal. The responsibility of implementing the plan was given to three divisions of the Indian XI Corps. They had to hoist the Indian flag from Pathankot in the north to Suratgarh in the south.

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This whole area was divided into three parts. 15 Division was entrusted with North Zone along GT Road Axis, 7 Division Central Zone along Khalra-Bakri Axis and 4 Mountain Division along Khemkaran-Kasur Axis to take over South Zone.

The Indian Army started its retaliation against Pakistan at around 4 am on 6 September 1965. With the commencement of the action, the Indian Army started waving its flag. Seeing the Indian flag on Dograi, he started flaunting it. Soon, the Indian Army was successful in crossing the Ichogil Canal from near the village of Barki.

A bridgehead was established by the Indian Army across the Ichogil Canal and the Indian Army was able to reach Batapur on the outskirts of Lahore. Now the distance between the Lahore airport and the Indian Army was only a few steps away.

Trishul Defence Academy pays tribute to heroics of Indian Army as every Indian citizen remembers the great Prime Minister Late Lal Bahadur Shastri. Jai Hind !

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