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SSB Interview Dress Code for Male and Female

SSB Interview Dress Code for Male and Female

SSB Interview Dress Code for Male and Female

SSB Interview Dress Code for Male and Female: SSB Interview is a Gateway to become a Commissioned Officer in Indian Armed Force. Its important that candidates prepare well for SSB Interview. Many Aspirants want to know The Exact Dress Code to be followed in SSB Interview..

In this Blog we are going to Talk About The Dress Code which is to be followed in SSB Interview. 100% of your first impressions is determined by the way we  dress and the way we walk through the door. Interviewing Officers of SSB Boards often  say that the clothes are the deciding factor between the candidates thus following Points are to be considered when choosing clothes for SSB Interview:

  1. Stay away from clothes older than five years.
  2. Don’t go too casual.
  3. Pay attention to the climate & the Season
  4. Stay comfortable
  5. Don’t try to wear something that will make you uneasy.
  6. Don’t wear a thin shirt with no blazer in winter or a winter suit in summer else you will end up Sweating
  7. Go for a Dress Rehearsal. Dress Rehersal is very important so that On The Final Day of Interview you don’t end up being too uneasy
  8. Avoid deciding what to wear on the day of the SSB interview
  9. Do a mock interview with a friend or family member while wearing your interview outfit to see how it fits and feels.
  10. Do your laundry and ironing a few days before the interview
  11. The night before the interview, check one last time for any wrinkles, stains, holes or pet hair.

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Dress code for men in the SSB Interview is as follows:- 

  1. Wear a dark-colored suit or blazer (navy, dark gray/charcoal or black) with a white shirt in winter and a plain white shirt in summer. Wear black formal trousers, but make sure they are neither too baggy nor too   skintight.
  2. Choose a conservative tie (either in black or navy blue).
  3. Avoid bow ties or busy pattern.
  4. Avoid floral or pineapple Pattern on ties.
  5. Solids are a preference, but you could do stripes or dots.
  6. The colour of your shoes should be either black, brown or burgundy. Wear matching socks. Wear toe covered, immaculately polished and spotless shoes with no scratches or stains.
  7. Wear a solid coloured belt that will match with the colour of your shes. Don’t go the patters or flashy belts.
  8. Watches is not allowed during SSB testing. So do follow the instructions given by the board. Otherwise, wear a classic wristwatch with a metal or leather band, but you should remove any distracting jewelry, such as earrings, necklaces or bracelets.
  9. Go for a clean, neat and well-maintained haircut. Also, put your best self forward and clean shave your beard and mustache.
  10. Shower or bathe the morning of the interview. Wear deodorant. Don’t wear perfume or aftershave.
  11. Make sure you have fresh breath. Brush your teeth before you leave for the interview 

Dress code for Women in the SSB interview is as follows

  1. Suits generally made of a blazer and either a pair of trousers or a skirt in a matching fabric.
  2. Always choose a neutral colour like navy blue, grey or black.
  3. The sleeves on the blazer should end right at your wrist.
  4. The shoulder should sit nicely on your shoulder.
  5. The trouser cuff should be at the mid way point of your shoe or just pass your ankles.
  6. The skirt should come at least to the top of your knees. The trousers may need to be tailored depending on your height and the height of the shoes you’re planning to wear with them.
  7. Wear simple and classy white or light coloured shirt with black or navy-blue skirts or trousers. Avoid flashy colous and logos at all cost. It’s best to dress in plain and solid colors. Do not wear bright colours, animal prints, or anything lacy, sheer, or low-cut.
  8. Avoid pant that are too tight that you can’t sit comfortably.
  9. Make sure your shoes are closed toe, the heel no higher than 3 inches, and in neutral colour.
  10. Flats are perfectly acceptable for an interview too.
  11. Make-up should be understated and flattering; shades that are neutral to your skin tone are generally advisable. Avoid bright or unusual colours or very long nails.
  12. Nail paint is a strict NO-NO.
  13. Keep your jewelllery and hair accessories to a minimum.
  14. You can tie your hair up in a heat bun or low ponytail.
  15. Make sure your hair is not in your eyes or constantly dropping and your face.
  16. Watch is not allowed during SSB testing. So do follow the instructions given by the board. Otherwise, wear a classic wristwatch with a metal or leather band.
  17. Shower or bathe the morning of the interview. Wear deodorant. Don’t wear perfume. Brush your teeth before you leave for the interview.

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