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SSB Interview Dress Code for Female

SSB Interview Dress Code for Female

SSB Interview Dress Code for Female | Preparation for SSB interview

Service Selection Board Interview is an Interview  Process which needs to be Cleared to be Commissioned in Indian Armed Forces.SSB is a 5 Day Procedure Divided into 2 Stages:-

Stage 1-Known as Screening Comprises of 2 Tests:-

Test 1-OIRT
Test 2-PPDT
Those Candidates who Pass this Test Enter into Stage 2 which is of 4 days and comprises of following tests:-
1.Psychological Test-1 Day
2.GTO Test-Spread over 2 Days
3.Personal Interview-On the Day of GTO only
4.Conference-1 Day(Last Day)
Be it Male Candidate or Female Candidates, both Faces the same  SSB Interview Process.When both male and Female Candidates face the SSB Interview Do the male and female Candidates wear Same Dress or Different Dresses while Facing SSB Interview.

Dress Code For Female in SSB Interview

There are ample Confusions as to  What should be the Ideal Dress Code For Female Candidates,Can they Wear Jewellery,Can they Wear Stylish Watches,Can they Put on Make Up to Impress the Accessors. All these Questions which are coming in your minds will be answered in this blog.Happy Reading!!!!

Tips to Dress for SSB Interview :

Attire or Clothes

When it Comes To Female Candidates ,First of All You  should know That Girls Batch and Boys Batch is Different in SSB. There is no Mixing of Batches in SSB Interview Board. For SSB Interview Few Tests  are important like Screening, Personal Interview and Conference. For these Tests it is important that the female candidates wear  Formals like Trouser and Shirt ,Even Plain Simple Kurta till Wrist Length along with subsequent legging would also d. When it Comes to Formals You can pick a Dark Colored Trouser and a Light Shade of Shirt would do. Female Candidates should avoid wearing informal clothes like round neck t-shirts, jeans during SSB Interview as it shows a Casual attitude of the Candidate.


During Days of GTO White Shorts and white t shirts makes the Perfect Match. In Days other than GTO It is recommended  Female Candidates to Wear Close Toed Shoes. None of The heels and Other Bellies would go good with Formal Trousers. For Group Tasks It is advised to Candidates to wear sports shoes preferably of White Color


It is Strictly advised to Female Candidates for Not to Put Stylish Hairstyles. It wont be possible for you to Carry a Stylish Hair Style for all 5 days thus It is Advised to Female Candidates to Tie their hair in a  Bun Form so That hair do not fall in their face


SSB Interviews is Test Of  Your Thoughts, Your Actions and Your Speech. It is test Of Your Qualities if  they Match with Officer Like Quality or not.  GTO, Psychologist and Interviewing are the Accessors Who Confirms Wether you have OLQ or not. Make up,Jwellery, Watches wont help you butter them. The Accessors looks only for OLQ and nothing Else.There is really no need of make up.Keep it Simple.Only Kajal is fine.No body is judging You on basis of your Make Up Skills.

Other Accessories

It is Best That No Necklace,Jwellery,or no Make Up is Wore in SSB Interviews as chances of Loosing Precious Jwellery,Watches is high.Believein Yourself,Your Harwork will never go in vain.

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